Am I one? (2/15)

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       As class ends, everyone had approach the (h/c) hair girl. They were asking so many questions. The boy who was scared to get crowded, quickly gets out of his seats and walk outside. He had quickly ran outside and just when he thought things were peace and quiet, he sees the delinquent coming from out of the window. He flinches and looks at you with a strange look... "Oh, it's Pudding head."

        "Um.." he said. He didn't know what to say in a situation like this.

        "What's wrong? You don't need to be afraid of me." you said. "Everyone was crowding me and I couldn't take it at anymore. Luckily I didn't get mad and act violent."

        'Is she really a girl?' the girl looks Kenma for a few minutes which makes the setter sweat drop a bit.

        "Is that your lunch?" the girl said looking what's on Kenma's hand. The boy nodded. "I see. Let's eat lunch together then!" 

        No one was talking while eating. The girl was eating cheerfully, but the boy couldn't remain calm. He was terrified a bit. When the girl notice this, she sighs.

        "Oi!" the boy flinches. "Are you really that scared of me?" the girl waited for an answer. "No. You're not scared. Or maybe you are. Could it be that you're no good with people?"

        "H-how did you know?" the setter said, looking at his lunch.

        "I don't know. Wild guess? I read too much manga." the girl laughs. "You can't judge a book by its cover, you know."

        "To be honest.. I thought that you were a delinquent." the boy said.

        "Really? That's not surprising. I kind of am?" the girl said, looks up on the sky, sounding unsure. "I don't know." she laughs. "I skip class and talk to many guys. I even beat up many people. Would you call that a delinquent?"

        "Yo. Kenma." a voice said. It was Kuroo Tetsurou. 

        "Hi Kuroo." Kenma said. He looks down at his lunch.

        "I knew it, you were out here. Are you the new transfer student everyone was talking about?"

        "And if I am." The aura between Kuroo and (Y/N) was dark and deadly. (Y/N) looks like she was about to hurt someone and Kuroo was smiling evilly. In your thoughts Kuroo and you might not get along. You had this stingy feeling that he can be a bad sign. Kenma looks at the both of you worried.

        "Are you guys going to fight..?" he asks.

        "No." you said, smiling at him. "I wouldn't hurt this kid even if I wanted to."

        "Look whose talking." Kuroo said, raising an eyebrow. Kenma laughs. "..? What are you laughing about?"

        "It's nothing.. But you two seem alike."

        "Are you okay, Kenma?" Kuroo asks.

        "No way, I'm like this guy." the girl said, looking at Kuroo, with disgust. You looks at Kenma, who continues to laugh. You gave out a gentle smile and you were a bit attracted to that.

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