Chapter Thirteen

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What would you talk about on a da-casual dinner with a friend that you have a huge crush on? How do you say that you admire their work after you've known them for so long? I had told Phil that I loved his videos when I first met, to which he then said, "That's cool, we should be friends!" But since I've known Dan since May, it would be awkward to say that I admire his work. I think if I made a friend who was a fan of mine, then they told me a month later that they were a big fan of me, I would find it weird and disturbing.

"So..." I said awkwardly, "How about this weather? Heh."

What the hell Gwen?! Did you really just ask about the weather, AND LAUGH?! What's wrong with you?

"It's nice," Dan nodded. I took another bite of my steak and remembered a video I made once.

"Okay," 17-year-old Gwen says, "So, say you're on a date at a sorta good restaurant. You might be friends with this girl or guy you are with, and you really really like them. But nothing is happening and things are getting awkward. Uh-oh! What are you going to do? Don't worry my Knights, Queen Gwen is coming to the rescue! Just follow my easy-peasy three step guide of 'How to Make a Date Less Awkward'!"

I took a deep breath and tried to remember more of the video.

"Step one!" she said, "Think of what you have in common, interests that you share!"

We both are YouTubers!

"Step Two!" She chirped, "Talk about that and elaborate into similar subjects!"

"Step three," She smiled, "Just do a bit of small talk, that could eventually lead to deeper, more meaningful talks or a kiss!"

"What made you want to go into YouTubing?" I asked.

"Phil and a few of my other friends convinced me to," he said, "So, what made you get started as a YouTuber?"

I wanted to be like you.


The above photo is Gwen's profile picture on everything because she is obsessed with how amazing she looks. Also, hi, I'm Madison the co-writer of this book. I write all of Gwen's P.O.V's, my best friend Bailey (SharpieNets )writes all of Dan's.

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