Chapter 8

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Aston P.O.V

She dressed casually. I guessed she was a type of girl who didn't care what she looked like as she wore no makeup, unlike some girls who literally painted it on, and didn't look to over dressed. "So where we going?" She asked. "Well I love Nandos so I was thinking we could go there." I said with a smile. I looked into her eyes, I couldn't help but get lost in them, seeing as they were so dark.

Eventually we got to Nandos. We sat down at a table and ordered food. "Oh and don't forget the ketchup!" I said sternly making both Sophie and Maria laugh. "What? You could never have too much ketchup." I said as the man put it down and on the table and I nodded to say thank you.

We talked for ages. About our likes and dislikes, about background and other things. It was like I have known them for years. "Hey, urm... Would you two like to go somewhere tomorrow?" I asked. "Yeah course." Maria grinned, she had the most beautiful smile. "Ok I'll pick you up tomorrow morning."

Maria's P.O.V

The night was great. At the end of the night me and Soph gave Aston our numbers and he gave us his. "I'll text you when I'm leaving tomorrow morning." He smiled at me. Why did he have to be so kind, sweet and cute? It just made it harder for me not to make a fool out of myself.

We walked to his car as he offered to take us back home. We agreed and thanked him as we got into his car. I sat in the passenger seat while Soph sat in the back on her own.

When we got home I gave Aston a goodbye hug and boy did he smell good. Everything about him just made me like him even more but he's a celebrity. He probably has girls falling at his feet all the time. I mean c'mon who wouldn't want Aston Merrygold as your one and only? Why would Aston like me anyway?

Today was great. I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

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