▶Chapter #6

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Recap ◀


"Wake up little twinkie!"

"What the hell dude?" My vision cleared up the faceless person stepped into my view, i signed.



"Hello to you too twin-"

"What are you doing? why am i here....you kidnapped me didn't you!"

"yes i did-"

"what do you want with me?" this basterd kidnapped me for no complete reason. well his problem, i'm sure as hell aren't going to act like a good captive if thats what he's thinking, he wanted to kidnap me he's going to suffer the consequences behind his actions!

"I don't want yo-"

"you are aware this is kidnapping right just so were clear when i sue your ass so you don't try an pull no 'oh dear yer' honor heavens no, i wouldn't do such a thing!' in court!" too bad i don't have any proof from the looks of his suit he's got a pretty penny in his bank.

"Yes i am aware of tha-"

"then why'd you do it? you sure you aren't just stupid?" good job trillion allen, dig your own grave then he'll throw you in it!

"No. i. am. no-"

"well i don't believe you so-"

"SHUT UP BOY" he yelled in my face with furious eyes.

okey i think i may have pissed him off just a tad bit too far!

Logan's P.O.V------------------------

"How in the hell did this happen!" i yelled at everyone in the room, the gaurds i left outside the door of the room i kept allen in didn't dare make eye contact with me.

how could they lose him so easily! i kept him in that room specifically cause it was one of my most secure room in the house apart from mine.

the room was silent Dante was on my left side deep in his thoughts about all that went down, this early in the day. i'm not an early morning person so let's just say i was some what upset about all this.

I took a deep breath trying to calm my nerves before my gun does it for me, "Do we have any leads?" i asked everyone.

"No sir" a guard spoke

"boss, do you think it might be the boy's brother? i mean....he is known for taking what he wants or back for that matter" Dante said.

"No it wasn't him, allen wouldn't have screamed he would have obviously took off his mask to show allen it was him, besides there were more than 1 it was 3. this is personal so luke would have done this on his own that you and i know for sure, he hasn't even been searching for allen so we know he hasn't made it home yet from where ever he is now. so until we get allen back we have no bargaining going on so everyone get moving NOW! except you dante and walter, i need to speak to the both of you" i said.

"These guys who took him clearly weren't that smart or high i don't know which one but they messed up big time if they think they could steal my property and get away with it! Darò loro figlio indegno di un qualcosa a che fare con le femmine li le mani! (ill give them worthless son of a b*tches something to do with there hands!)"

Dante and walter knew what i ment as the sinister smirks on their faces told me they were itching to have some fun.

"boss we caught one of them!" a gaurd said.

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