Chapter Twenty Two

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Eric! ‘I whipped around in shock, ‘Eric?’

He lips curved into the barest hint of a smile, ‘Hi.’

‘Did you follow me?’

He scowled, ‘No, I didn’t. I saw you asking for something and decided to help…’

‘Okay, fine,’ I quickly agreed with him, ‘What do you want?’

‘I’ll help you with the spells if you want…’


‘I promised to tutor you before.’


He sighed and gestured for me to leave the reception but didn’t add anything. ‘Where’s  your dorm?’

‘Wells,’ I muttered, ‘Do you know how to get… there…?’

‘Alice is in there.’

‘Of course…’ I reprimanded myself mentally. I was acting like a starstruck teenager.

‘Which room?’

‘Twelve. It’s on the bottom floor-’

‘I know, I’ve been there.’


We made our way to the  dorm room in silence, and I knocked on the door, before realizing that it was my room as well. My hands reached into my bag and I found my key and slipped it in.

The room was empty, and the window was wide open.

‘Okay, you can just tell me what the spell is and I’ll do it..’ I was giving him a chance to do it and escape.

He sidestepped around me to enter the room, giving me a bemused look. ‘planto maior,’ he said. ‘Do you know how to-’

‘Yes.’ I snapped.

‘Then why aren’t you?’

‘I’m waiting.’ I explained.

‘For what?’

‘…’ I couldn’t answer that. ‘The right mood, I guess…’

‘Oh for-’

‘Planto maior.’ I said, letting the words out in a quick rush of air.

The pile of dolls furniture stayed the same size, and a blush burned my cheeks. ‘Erm.’

‘Well done!’ Eric said, amazed.

‘You don’t have to be sarcastic.’

‘I wasn’t. That was actually quite good.’


‘You just have to move them to their right places and they’ll return to the right sizes.’

What?  ‘How do you know?’

‘Well, I know something happened, I felt the shift in the air. Just try it.’

I frowned at him; he was actually being polite for once. ‘Okay…’ I picked up the minute chair and placed it facing the window hesitantly. As soon as I stepped back, the chair flickered, and as quick as a blink, changed to its normal size, revealing the wonderful bleached white detail that had driven my aunt to buy it for me.

I grinned happily, but didn’t attempt to try again.

‘Go on.’ Eric encouraged impatiently.

Finally, I picked up the small desk, as small as my thumb, and placed it in front of the chair. The same thing happened, and the desk blinked back to its original shape.

‘That wasn’t so hard, was it?’

I grudgingly nodded.

‘Good. Now help me with my Human Studies homework.’

There was the Eric I knew and hated.

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