Chapter Sixteen

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"Umm Huh gotcha ass.." Stacy said.

"You aint got shit." Evan shot back.

"Yall think I'm stupid." Stacy said as she walked over to us and sat down. "Yall didnt get the shit on my sofa did you?" She asked as she jumped up and looked down.

"Aint nobody fuckin round woman, now shut up." Evan said.

"Yall aint got to tell me hell, Keep it secret.. Ima find the shit out anyway." Stacy said.

"Stacy, dont you think I would tell you if I wanted your brother?" I said.

She looked at me before she spoke.

"Hell no bitch cause you would think I might stop ya. Why would you want his big head ass, I dont know but hey.. I dont give a fuck."

"If you dont give a fuck then why you trying to find out?" Evan asked.

"I dont, I just expext one of yall triflin ass to tell me."

"You so damn noisy."

Evan said as he laughed softly and shook his head as he got up heading out to the patio to smoke. He closed the door behind him.

"So where you went for so long?" I asked.

"To OG house and gurl you wont believe the lie he told me."

"What he say?"

"Talm bout she inboxed him looking for his cousin Reggie and she aint try to fuck him."


"And what?, I know he lying cause if she didnt try to fuck his ass then why he deleted the messages?"

"Really Stace?"

"Hell yeah, Am I lying? If it wasnt shit and the bitch really was looking for his cousin then why he deleted the damn convo?"


Stacy and I continued our conversation as we watched the movie.

"Stacy.. can I ask you something."

"Sure whats up.."

"You think Marcus gone ever stop seeing that chick?"

"I dont know, I mean she is carrying his baby."

"You right, he do gotta see bout his seed."

"Why you asked that?"

"It was just on my mind I guess.."

I sat and talked to Stacy a little longer until 8:40 rolled around.

"I guess I better get going gurl, I think Marcus should be home by now."

I got up and put on my jacket.

"Aight." Stacy said as she got up and walked me to the door. "You aint gone say bye to your other man Evan?"

I laughed.

"Bitch Bye!"

I backed out of the driveway and headed home. I dropped my keys on the living room table as I walked in the house. I saw Marcus was sleep on the sofa so I decided not to wake him. As I took off my jacket and hung it on the stand I heard Marcus' phone vibrate in his pocket.

I stood there for a minute listening to it vibrate over and over again. I asked myself.. Would it be wrong to answer it? If a relationship is all about trust then he wouldnt mind me checking it right? I stood there in place wondering if I should answer the phone or trust him and just leave it alone...

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