Academy Lovers: Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Andrew's POV

It's being like 10 minutes and I'm worried when I asked him why I didn't have my shirt on he just said "well..." and that's it, he just space out I don't think he is in Kansas anymore.

Maybe if I shake him a little he would snap out of that daze I thought.

When I was right I front of him I notice how...Hawt he had green/silver eyes and dirty blond color hair and wow! He was wearing no shirt either you could easily see his sooo yummy 8-pack that it makes you want to buy some ice-cream, poor it over him and lick every inch of it.

I mean he is sooo Hot that I could made eggs and bacon he is THAT hot   

I think I'm drooling I thought still eye-raping him and with my oh sooo naughty thoughts hehe I'm such a perv XD

Suddenly he wakes up from his daze, while bringing me back from my daze or -may I said- stopping me from attacking him in the very spot and says:

"And that's why you don't have a shirt on" he said while smiling

Awww he has dimples sooo CUTE I just wanna-


What the? Does he have some sort of a mental condition or something like that? I thought while giving him a funny look or I think I was giving him that

"What?" he said sounding confuse


Andrew focus

"Umm you didn't tell me anything, you just space out and then all of the sodden you said and quote "And that's why you don't have a shirt on" and I can't help being confused" I told him while making a poor imitation of his voice but  the truth is I'm confuses.

He may be sexy and all but he is weird very weird

"Oh did I just say the entire story in my head again? I really have to stop doing that" He said more to himself than to me so it's not the first time....

Again weird!

"Yeah" I answer him

"Oh I'm sooo sorry I get to be like that when I'm in around cute boys" he said with a wink and smiles a dimple





He thinks I'm Cute!

"Ok, well I don't think I have the energy to tell the entire story again..."  I cut him off before he got the chance to finish what he was saying

"But you never tell the story, it was all in YOUR head" I snap at him my face flushing red by the anger that this guy was making me have

"As I was saying" he continue ignoring what I have just told him "long story short I trip over my own feet and spill some water that I was getting for you"

Oh he's sooo clumsy

"Oh ok" I said while standing from I suppose is my new bed and went to find my stuff.

To be surprise by the fact that my stuff is not in the room


Where is my stuff? I thought

"Umm Ryan where's my stu-'' I was about to spoke my thoughts when I notice that Ryan was no longer in the-our- room

I got to get use to that, none the less where is that yummy bear? I thought while scanning the room.

It's a nice size with blood colored walls two twin size bed, two closet doors a bathroom two drawers and a barrel.

... What the hell what is a barrel doing in our room??

This guy is sooo weird

Anyways his side of the room is quite cool, you can't see the wall he have so many band posters and to top it all they are my entire favorite band!

He had Black Veil Brides, Escape the fate, Hawthorne Heights, BOTDF, A Day To Remember, 30 seconds to mars, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, BFMV, Paramore, Linking Park, Jeffree Star and the one and only yes lady and gentleman is Ricky Martin (A/N love all of them especially Ricky not only because he's gay but because he is from my country/island Puerto Rico)

I already love the guy he listened to all of my music and not to mention he is extremely Hot!! lol

Back to the room my side is well boring

Side note: Buy some pink paint

Where the hell is Ryan I want my stuff, *sight* while sitting in my bed I felt a piece of paper.

What is this??

It said:

To cutie:

Be right back.

Going to the office to get your stuff.

Don't miss me too much XD



Ohh so that's where he went aww he is so sweet he went to get my stuff

Its official I'm in love with Ryan this is going to be an interesting year

******* I'm sooo sorry!!! I haven't post I had to re-write this like three times and I'm not happy with it be honest it's awful, don't said that it was good tell me the truth VOTE,COMMENT, FAN if you want I feel like a failure oh and sorry for all my grammar erros********  

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