Bumping into a God that has Pretty Brown Eyes

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Hey guys thanks for reading heres the next chap

After accepting the fact that Dylan wasn't there to see it I finally just kept walking to my second period which is science with Mr. Fuller.

I walked to my locker to grab my things since the last time I was trying to get my stuff I kinda got into a fight and won.

As I was walking to my second period I was looking at the ground. Because I already know where I am going. I was thinking of Dylan though. Of how I might have a slight chance of going out with him.

I slowly pushed the thought away. When I bumped into something hard and tall I look up and you'll never guess who it was?!.

I was freaking out internally within do to the fact that I just bumped into a god.

Omg Omfg talk you idiot talk. I thought to myself.

"II I'm vvery ssorry" god damn it I stuttered

"Its okay" he said as he shot me a smile and let me tell you it was one of his genuine smiles.


"Oh OK" I said and walked away very quickly but turned quickly around when he said my name.

"See you later Emily" the god spoke

Omg his voice is sooo hot and husky.

"Hhow do you know my name??!." I said stuttering again damn it why can't you act normal around a guy for once.

"I have my ways anyway see you around Emily."

"Wwait before you go what's your name??"

"That's for me to know and for you to find out" he said as he shot me another genuine smiles.

Omfg I thought to myself I just bumped into a god who has pretty brown eyes.

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