37: The Eid

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Author's POV:

           Suited into a dashing plain white Sherwani, Mahir entered inside his home along with Farhan and Razaaq. The later two were also wearing the same coloured clothes. It was the day of Eid Ul Adha, and they had just returned from the Eid prayers.

"Eid Mubarak!" They all said as they entered inside the living room, where Arfa (Mahir's mother) was.

           The lady dressed in a beautiful lilac dress smiled gracefully upon seeing her husband and sons.

            Razaaq came forward and hugged his wife as he greeted her, she shyly smiled. Next, her sons one by one wished her and kissed her hand.

"Where is Kinza?" Mahir asked he looked for his sister.

"Oh, I just sent those two to their rooms to get ready after doing Eid prayer. They were helping me in kitchen since morning and then we prayed together. " Arfa said as she forwarded the tray of Dates to everyone.

        Mahir took the date while nodding. They all sat for a while as they all talked together.

"All the relatives will be coming in the afternoon for lunch. I did also call Aayat's family but they wouldn't be able to come today as they themselves are having guests over their home." Arfa said to Razaaq who just nodded.

"Bhai.." Farhan called Mahir.

Mahir turned towards him as he heard Farhan saying,
"Aren't you going to give me eidi (money that elders give to the younger people of the family as a token of love for Eid.)

Mahir made a shocked face and said,

"You mister aren't going to get eidi this time. You are independent person yourself now. I am just giving eidi to Kinza this year, not you."

Farhan dramatically kept his hand over heart as he complained,

"Ammi look, Bhai has changed so much since Aayat Bhabhi came into his life! I was earning at the time of last Eid too, but then Mahir Bhai had given me eidi.

Bhai, why don't you just say you are saving money for your wife."

Mahir laughed at the stupid reaction of his brother followed by everyone else, he threw a pillow at him and then said standing up,

"Just stop the drama Farhan. My wallet is in room. I will just go and get it."

          Mahir then went up the stairs and walked until he was standing in front of his room door. In the second moment, he twisted the door knob and opened the door, but he froze into his place as soon as his eyes landed upon her.

         His eyes started examining her from toe to head. Firstly his eyes landed on the silver heels she wore, his eyes reached up to her perfectly fitting long gown of warm pinkish red colour, but the sight that had made his heart skip a beat was the silky black hair locks of hers, that framed perfectly her angelic face. The wet ends still dripping off some water droplets as she blow dried her hair.

 The wet ends still dripping off some water droplets as she blow dried her hair

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