Chapter: 2

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"Aphy get up!" My mother shouts from the kitchen. I groggily rub my eyes trying to get my bearings. I look around realizing I never made it back to my room. Wandering into the kitchen I find my dad cooking breakfast while my mom sits on the counter reading the instructions of the recipe to him. "Why didn't anyone move me?" I whine. "We tried to, but you kept slapping our hands away." I roll my eyes, "Whatever, where's Jeremy." Mom points a perfectly manicured index finger to his door.

I barge into Jeremy's room, "Wakey wakey sleepy head!" I scream at the top of my lungs. I am met with a very angry pillow. I proceed to pull the covers off the bed while Jeremy clings to them for dear life. "Dude, I'm sleeping, did the pillow I threw not make it clear?" he murmurs annoyed. "I know, but everyone is waiting for you. Dad made waffles." He opens an eye to analyze my face, and I give him my cheesiest smile. When he concludes I'm not lying he rolls out of bed.

"Mom really wants you to have a going-away party," Jeremy says timidly, fully aware that I hate parties, especially if they're for me. "You're kidding, right?" I groan. He shrugs his shoulders as we walk back to the kitchen. Mom and dad have both found their way to the table, they have their heads together as they look at some papers spread over the white dining table.

My dad's broad shoulders are hunched over the files. He's already in a navy blue suit ready to go to work. His brown ivy league style hair was slicked to the side leaving him looking quite professional. His tired eyes never left the paper, not even when my mom would glance nervously over at him.

Jeremy and I share a worried look, "What's going on dad?" Our question was met with icy silence. We swiftly moved to get our plates of food. The smell of the sweet syrup was too good. I sat at the table admiring how fluffy the stacked waffles looked with the syrup cascading down the sides. It was almost too beautiful to eat, after a moment I took a heaping bite. My mouth was filled with the sweet flavors of the waffles and syrup.

"These waffles, right here, are heaven-sent." I hum in delight. Jeremy is almost done with his stack. "Do you even try to savor the food?" I snap. "Not even a little," he says laughing at my anger. "Aphy, Jer, stop your bickering right now." My mom warns. "We weren't actually fighting," Jeremy says holding his hands up defensively. A warning look silences both of us.

"Jeremy, your mother, and I have something we wanted to talk to you about." Uh oh, this was probably the thing making them so serious. "What?" Jeremy says his mouth full of waffles. "We think it'd be best if you spent some time at an all boys school." Jeremy starts choking on his food as he swallows. "What why!" He finally manages to say in between coughs. "Well," my mom hums nervously, "Your grades have been dropping, you've been skipping class and practice, plus we know you've been sneaking girls in." Jeremy's eyes start to grow wide and his skin starts to pale.

"Why would sending me away help?" He sputters. "You'll have less, um, distractions." My mom says awkwardly. "You're telling me because I've had sex you're shipping me off to who knows where." "Precisely, we think that a change of scenery would be good for you." "Where am I even going?" There's a long pause before my parents respond.

"Paris." They both mumble. "Paris! Are you guys insane? That's in a different continent!" Jeremy yells. "I'm not going." He declares crossing his arms. "Oh, yes you are, or you can say goodbye to your college money, the car, and your phone." My dad hisses. Jeremy slumps in his chair and looks at his empty plate defeated.

I quietly leave the table and set my dishes in the sink, trying to creep up the stairs without Jeremy noticing.

As I near the top I take a step and the floorboard creaks beneath me. I cringe hoping Jeremy didn't hear. To my dismay, I hear him stand up with such force that the chair falls over. I see him tearing through the hallway with a maniacal smile.

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