You Know You Like It

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Heyo painions... I'm sorry that I haven't updated... I have been out of school because of winter break...  That means that I dont have any internet and I don't know when I will... Soon enough though... Now read the information below as I scream in bold "GO CHECK OUT MY BESTIES PROFILE @Wolfgirljas SHE MAKES LEMONS AND AWESOME NARUTO STORIES TOO!!!!!!" OK well... That's that
Name: Mizuki Uchiha
Looks: long black hair, blue eyes, pale skin, big boobs and butt, skinny
Clothes: back crop top, blue shorts, black boots and gloves
Crush: Hidan
Virgin: no
Personality: cusses a lot, gentle, rough

************Lemon zest time!!!************

I sigh and lean back onto a tree as I flip off Hidan for calling me a bitch. I crack my neck and glare at him while getting into a fighting stance "you asked for it" I glare as he chuckles "yes I did... Bitch"

     As soon as he finishes I start running towards him "you fucking-" I skid to a halt as he turns into a log "... Asshole..." I raise an eyebrow and activate my sharingan scanning the area before my eyes land on his chakra and I deactivate it before squinting at the object he transformed into "... A rock? Really?" I laugh as I kick the rock and it goes flying before hitting the tree and proofing away making my eyes go wide "shit" I mutter out before I get slammed into a tree by none other then Hidan.

   "You ass" I spit on the ground before a body is pressed up against mine "awe now don't be like that" hidan says wiping some dirt off my face before bringing his face down to my ear "you know you love it" he whispers while flicking his tongue on my lobe. My face flushes as I try to stutter out a insult "n-no! You're ju-ust a big-g meanie!!"

     He chuckles and begins to rub my thigh and kiss my neck as I bite my lip. He starts sucking, searching for my soft spot. I shiver as he passes by it hoping he doesn't notice he stops for a moment before attacking my soft spot making my moans all spill out.

     "H-Hidan!" I gasp out as his hands start moving up and down my sides. He chuckles and bites down roughly making me wince before he licks up all the blood running down my neck. He stops and looks to me for a moment "Mizuki... I have liked you for quite a while now... And I have to ask if.. If you will be my girlfriend... Will you?" His gaze falters a bit as I narrow mine before realizing that it isn't a joke and nodding "yes Hidan" I smile and lean in to kiss him. He slams his rough lips against mine in a passionate make-out session. He soon let's his tongue glide over my bottom lip as I grant his entrance and moan at the feeling of our tongues finally coming together. His one hand snakes around my back, pulling me closer while the other glides up my top immediately grasping my boob and squeezing it while moving it in circles. I moan into our heated kiss as his hand that was on my back moves under my shirt and unclips my bra like he's done it a million times before. His cold finger touches my nipple before pinching it between his index and middle fingers. He brakes the kiss and throws off my shirt and bra as I take off his. My hands start tracing his muscles as he bends down and wraps his mouth around my pink nub and his warm wet muscle flicks back and forth across my hardened nipple. He then leaves kisses across my chest towards the other boob and gives it the same treatment.

      I then get down on my knees and pull his pants down revealing a tent in his boxers before I pull those down as well and

immediately grip him tightly moving my hand up and down his shaft. I lean towards the tip and slowly take it into my mouth. I fully deepthrought him and start bobbing my head up and down While making eyecontact as he groaned. Soon enough he came as I swallowed it. I stood back up before he tore off my shorts and picked me up slowly sliding me onto his dick wrapping his arms around my torso he started thrusting his hips pumping in and out of my soaked pussy. I arched my back and wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer and started sucking on his neck as he groaned and went faster.

    Soon enough I was close to my climax "I-im gunna cum!" I moaned as he nodded and pumped harder making sure to hit that bunch of nerves. I scream out and claw my nails into his back as my walls tightened around his shaft and we both cum. Our juices mixing together as he lifted me up and off his penis and set me down. I quickly glance around before my eyes land on a lake and I look towards Hidan- or, my boyfriend "up for a swim?" I giggle as his eyes fill back up with lust and he nods "I knew there was something I liked about you"


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