Chapter VI: Graduation Drama

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HEYA!!!! Have you seen my upate dates yet? If you haven't them I'm telling you now. Since I've got a pretty tight schedule I have to put everything on hold, except this and Taming the Wicked Duchess (it's a HistoFic and if you haven't read it, please read it) and I'm going to be updating this story every Saturday and/or Sunday. Thank you!


The familiar sight of the majestic Anderson Building greeted Andrea, together with her parents, as they rolled to a halt on the parking lot of the university.

"Are we late?" asked Pam, slight panic noticeable in her voice.

Andrea smirked, "No, Mom," she answered.

"Oh, good," Pam visibly relaxed, making Andrea smile.

Andrea got out of the back seat and slipped her rented black toga over her peach wrap dress that she bought at Rodeo Drive last month. She looked around the lot, looking for a certain type of car, and noticed that almost all the spaces are filled, none of them inhibited a black Audi A4.

"Will Lance be here?" Andrea blurted out as her parents got out of the car.

Simon fished his Blackberry from his pocket before saying, "Yeah, he just have to wrap up some meeting and he'll be here," looking up at his graduating daughter with pride in their eyes.

The three of them walked to the Anderson building and went straight to the auditorium for the graduation ceremony.

"ANDIE!!!" Victoria yelled from the gathering number of graduates.

"Mom, Dad, I'll meet you after," she said, before turning her back to her parents but she was yanked by her mother in to one of her super unladylike hug.

"Oh my gosh, Andrea, I never imagined this to come this early," Pam sobbed.

"Mom," Andrea said in a wavering voice, "Don't get too melodramatic. I'm just graduating, I'm not going to die," she said.

"Come on, Pam, she needs to go line up," Simon said while pulling his wife away from his daughter. After the third try, Pam let go and Andrea met her father's eyes, "I'm very proud of you, Andrea," he smiled at her.

"Thank you," she said and then she turned her back and went to her friend.

"What's with Pamela?" asked Victoria.

Andrea stole another glance at her parents, now cuddled up against each other while Pam sob in Simon's arms, "Oh you know, the mom thing," she said while producing a full grin.

"Everybody, line up," Andrea heard the familiar authorative voice of our Economics professor, Mr. Harlow.

"Okay, I'm off to the O's," Andrea waved at Vicoria, who in turn hugged her.

"I can't believe we're graduating," Victoria said.

"Me, either," she responded as Victoria let go and joined the S's while she positioned herself between Thea Oswald and Jack Penn.

The graduation marched started to play and with a last glance at her parents before walking, she caught sight of Lance, making his way to his seat as he gave her the thumbs-up, making her smile widen, if that was even possible and walk with her head up high to her seat.

All of the graduates settled down and as the little march song faded, Mrs. Farnsworth, the university dean, walked up to the podium to say her little speech, and from somewhere inside of her, Andrea felt nervousness.

She was going to deliver her zuma cum laude speech after the dean's and the words she had rehearsed earlier before going to the event, left her head completely.

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