Chapter 1: Bon Voyage! Part 2

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       Kylie's dad, brother, and Jacobs cousin Darla step outside when Kylie opens her mouth to ask who texted him. But he doesn't look at her, instead he looks at the group who are now right in front of them. Kylie turns around to face them, standing next to Jacob. They both great eachother and they embrace in a friendly hug. "Kylie, your brother and Darla and I are going to Lowe's to get some packing tape and Walmart for boxes. We'll be back later." The young child standing next to the tall adult speaks. "Yeah. Because dad forgot to get extra boxes and tape yesterday when we were out." Kylie shakes her head and both her and her brother laugh. "Sounds like our dad." She says smiling at her little brother. Just 4 years apart, Kylie and her brother have been close, the day he was born. They have a unique sibling bond. She looks at him smirking at their dad still. Looking at his auburn hair, she can't help wishing that they could see their mom one last time. She frowns. Nicholas looks at his sister and tilts his head. "What's wrong sis?" She smiles at his concern. And Jacob grabs her hand holding it as Darla steps next to her grabbing her other hand. She looks at Jacob and smiles, squeezes Darla's hand and looks to her dad. Being surrounded by people she loves just doesn't seem like enough right now. "I wish I could see mom." She sniffles a sob back. Although she never was that close to her mom, she'd do almost anything to bring her back. She looks at her brother, his blue eyes, tearing up too. "Me too sis." Their dad looks at his kids. He takes in Nicholas' auburn hair reminding him of his ex-wife and to his daughters' brown eyes. He was blessed with two beautiful kids with physical characteristics from both him and his wife. Well ex-wife, despite her issues and drug problems, he still loved her before her passing. And will always love her. He gave up his dream of permanently moving to Florida after college graduation and pursuing his career in Marine Biology when Karon's family had a lot of deaths in the same year shortly after they got married and found out they were pregnant with Kylie. They thought it'd be best to move back to West Virginia to take care of her deceased family's belongings and be there for her family. It wasn't any easy decision for Kevin, he wanted to stay in Florida and continue his career, the career he already started after graduation; but he put his dream of being an Oceanographer on hold to take care of his future family. 

Kevin is snapped out of his reverie when Kylie and Kylie nudge him. He looks at his kids and smiles. "I think you look fine kids." He nervously smiles. Kylie and Nicholas look and eachother and chuckle. Anytime their dad spaces out he always says someone looks okay or fine. Kylie always thought it was his way of cleverly ignoring people and pretending he was actually listening. But by his reaction, she now believes he truly does zone out without meaning too. Kylie looks at her dad sympathetically. "I'm sorry I bummed you guys out." Keeping her focus on her dad. He shrugs. "It's okay. I haven't thought about your mother for a long time, so I think it was about time she came back to my mind." Nicholas nods agreeing. "I always think about her daddy. It's okay to think about her every once and a while. and our mother." He smiles at his father. Kevin smiles back at him. Kevin then glances at Kylie nervously and twitches. Kylie looks at her dad nervously. She suddenly gets an uneasy feeling in her stomach once again. "Yeah. She is your mother, even though sometimes you guys fought." Nicholas looks at his father confused. Then he looks at Kylie and notices why Kevin said that. Kylie starts to tear up then looks at Jacob and squeezes his hand tighter. Jacob was always there for her when she and her mom argued and fought over ridiculous stuff. He was always her shoulder to cry on when she tried to get along with her mom. Sometimes her mom pushed her away. And it wasn't because of her problems with drugs or alcohol because Karon got along with Nicholas. Kylie never understood why she couldn't get along with her daughter too. But Kylie has always had her strong bond with her father. Family game nights it was always Kevin and Kylie against Karon and Nicholas. "I'm sorry for breaking up this family moment, but we should go before we run out of time Kevin." Darla speaks up and breaking Kylie out of her memories. Kevin looks at Darla and nods. "I'm afraid you're right. We shouldn't be long Kylie." Kevin says as he and Nicholas are following Darla to Darla's Blue Sedan. He stops as Nicholas and Darla are getting in the car and looks back at Kylie and Jacob. Him and Kylie lock eyes. All he can think about is how he's been lying to her and Nicholas for years. One day he will tell her the truth, but the time isn't today. He gets in the car and sends Kylie a text as they leave.

Kylie looks down at her phone and stares at it. Jacob looks at her. "What's wrong babe? Did Lexie not get the role in the play?" Kylie shakes her head. "No. My dad sent me a weird text." Jacob tries to looks at it, but she gets another text. But this time it's from her manager. "Gosh. Doesn't she understand that it's you're last day here and you have a lot to do. She can't really expect you to be ready for an interview with some new locale journalist." Jacob complains. Kylie laughs. "That's what Claudia does. She expects everything from me no matter what I'm doing." Kylie's brows crinkle in disgust. "You know she actually got mad at me when I didn't bath her dog last week right after I jumped through hoops for her stupid Gum." Jacob shakes his head in disgust. "She's supposed to be you're manager and get paid to help you. Not the other way around." Kylie laughs. "And I don't even get paid! That's the messed up part!" Jacob takes Kylie's hand and looks into her eyes. "You need to drop her and get a new manager. I know she helped you advance in your singing career recently, but you honestly could have done the same or better with Demetri." Kylie nods. "I know I have to. I wish Demetri didn't meet Jessica and fall in love and get married and move away. Maybe I'd still have a manager that respected me and I was actually friends with." Kylie says depressed. Jacob laughs. "Yeah. Curse falling in love." They both laugh together. Jacob kisses Kylie gently. He looks at her brown eyes. "So lets go inside now. I shouldn't have worn this shirt." He laughs. He waits for Kylie's beautiful laugh, but he hears silence instead. He looks at Kylie and sees her staring at her text. "What's wrong Kye?" He asks her worried. She looks up at him. "I'm just looking at the text my dad sent me earlier and it's not something he'd say. And they way he looked at me before he left to get boxes and tape, it felt weird." Jacob looks confused. "What did the text say?" He asks. She looks at her phone again, then reads it to him. "He says: I'm sorry you and you're mom fought all the time. She still loved you no matter what. Kylie, I want you to know that she will always be you're mother even if you two weren't that close." Jacob and Kylie looks at eachother. "That's weird. That isn't something he'd say." Kylie shakes her head. Jacob grabs her hand and guides her toward the house. "Maybe thinking about her recently is messing with his mind and maybe he can't think straight. Now lets go inside where it's warm." Kylie follows him and nods. "Yeah maybe. I'm not sure." She still can't shake the feeling that something is wrong. 

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