Chapter 2

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[two weeks later]

"Hey, Okay, so y/n I want to introduce you to the dreamSMP server!" Said clay in a quiet cheerful tone. After clay, also referred to as dream, walked in on bad and y/n's conversation Bee had become quick friends with dream.
"YES! Okay lemme go get my twitch live stream up and then I'll join!" The h/c haired girl said as she left the private discord server.
        Y/n quickly got her stream going and told them what she was doing. After that she got into a the dreamSMP discord server where about four people were active on.
       "HEY HEY HEY! WHO THE FUCK IS THIS LADY?" Shouted a very young sounding voice.
        "WAZZUP HOES? IM HERE WITH WHOEVER THE HELL THESE BITCHS AR— AND oMg it's fUckIn tOmMYinNit? How does it feel to be a ✨child✨" y/n screeched threw her mic. After the girl said that the blonde male left the voice chat.
        "Whoa...looks like Tommy's being a pissbaby today...wazzup dog I'm sapnap!" A voice that was apparently  belonging to the man that called himself sapnap.
         "Yuh, now that's dope! But uh- can you gimme stuff? I'm kinda being attacked by these weird ass zombies..." The girl said as her character began to run out of hunger in the screen.
       "Oh yah, of course! So like, who are?" The males voice asked. Y/n noticed that tommy was back, but him and the other two people who were there, tubbo and Eret, were as quiet as mice.
         "Haha I'm the youtuber BeezSimpz! Oh thank you for the one hundred gifted subs snapmap69!" Y/n said as she smiled at her face cam.
         "Holy shit— damn girl your pretty cute!" Sapnap said, after that y/n's entire chat started spamming 'simpnap'.
         As the night continued on, both the male and female kept talking and getting to know eachother more and more, finding out they had a lot in common. For example, they both adopted cats.
         It was a fun night, but the two ended up playing until 5 in the morning, so of course they told both of their streams goodnight and went to bed.

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