chapter 16~ alfies feelings

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I was sat in my room trying yet again to forget about the utterly perfect Alfie Deyes and yet again it was impossible.

Knock knock

I dragged my self down stairs to the front door.

I opend the door to reviel a worried alfie.

Marcus: h...hey a...alfie

Alfie: hey can I come in I kinda need to talk to you?

Marcus: sure come on in

He followed me in to the kitchen.

Why was he here?

Marcus: want a drink?

Alfie: yeah ill have a

Marcus: sprite with coke?

Alfie: you reamember

Marcus: always

Alfie pulled his signiture smirk and took a quick glimps at my eyes.

Alfie: umm I kinda need to tell you something

Marcus: what?

Alfie: well im over with zoe and I realy......

Marcus: I know I wached your vidio. Look alfie I dont like being messed around and as mean as it sounds me and zoe arnt besties and I dont give a crap if shes in a reletion ship or not.

Alfie: its just...

Marcus: just what alfie? what's so God dam important?

Alfie: I love you.......

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