Chapter 16: Truth

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"Are you a demon?"

You tensed at those words, slightly taken aback. Should you explain it to him? He stared at you with a serious expression, the silence no longer comfortable.

A sigh was heard and you pushed him away, making him let go of you. You stood up and he followed. You crossed your arms, contemplating.

"I think you shouldn't hear it from me. Let's go visit Ka- I mean, Oyakata-sama." He nodded and you both made your way there.


Not far from the headquarters, Kyojuro turned to you and tried to make conversation but it ended up being one-sided. One question in particular caught your interest though.

"Why don't you have fangs?"

You never really did answer it but it also got you thinking. What would you look like as a demon? Your head hurt a bit and you slowed down before rushing to catch up with Kyojuro.

Soon after, you both made it in front of his room, gently knocking on his door. A soft "come in" followed by a cough answered, both of you entering with a bit of hesitation.

"Oh, my wonderful children, Rengoku Kyojuro and Kawasaki Y/N. Please, have a seat." Kagaya welcomed, gesturing to the space in front of his futon.

Kyojuro went straight to the point after you both got comfortable. "Oyakata-sama! I would like to ask you about Kawasaki, during her slumber, both me and Young Kamado found a seal on him. Is Kawasaki perhaps a demon like Nezuko?"

The diseased man glanced at you as you both exchanged nods. He coughed before looking straight at Kyojuro.

"Very well, I will tell you the stories."


"A long time ago, before the demon slayer corps, there were only two things that could defeat a demon.

The sunlight and a demon itself.

Not many were aware of the demons at that time, making humans easy targets. However, a pile of demon corpses were found in the mountains, disintegrating.

My ancestor was the one who first found it. Next to the demon corpses was a hut. A young man, no older than 20 lived there with his wife.

Apparently, he found several demons lurking around the mountains and one had almost attacked his wife.

The man told my ancestor that he was able to fight the demons easily and even managed to use their own techniques against him.

They looked into it and found out that he had special blood similar to Kibutsuji's.

Every few years, a "Blood Child" would be born and every few years, they would try to stop him. Unfortunately, most would either be manipulated by Muzan or they were killed right after they were born.

After decades, there were no more signs of Blood Childs so we had to depend solely on our breath styles.

A few years back, I found a young swordsman with exceptional skills. They were able to take out demons with incredible power and even defeated one of the Twelve Demon Moons without knowing who they really were.

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