Part 28 ; His Target

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"If the baby can be used as a ransom to destroy Jungkook and Jimin so why can't I do it? This is a golden opportunity."

"You can't continue to take the baby as a hostage to destroy them and if one of the baby's fathers is Jungkook or Jimin knows about the baby's existence, I am sure they will not let us go easily. So please don't continue your plan, Taehyung" Hoseok said with uneasiness when he found out what Taehyung was trying to plan for the baby.

"They will not know about the baby's existence as long as we keep our mouths shut about who the father is to this baby and we have to do a DNA test on the baby to find out who the baby's father is." Taehyunh replied firmly to Hoseok and wanted to set his plan to succeed as he planned now.

"The problem now is that you are trying to endanger the life of Y/n and her baby with what you are trying to plan now, do you realize what you are trying to do and plan now?!" Hoseok tries to make Taehyung realize that he is trying to make the life of an innocent person in this problem in their enmity.

"I didn't mean to put Y/n's life in danger but I don't want her to belong to Jimin or Jungkook again and I will not let this happen once in a while." Taehyung answered again to Hoseok. He does not want Y/n to fall into the hands of Jimin or Jungkook anymore, he wants Y/n to be his forever.

"But what you are trying to plan this is wrong and if Y / n knows what you are trying to plan this, she will not forgive you easily and will definitely annul your marriage immediately" Hoseok said confidently to Taehyung. Y/n will definitely not forgive him if Y/n knows all about Taehyung's plan. "If we don't open our mouths to reveal this secret, Y/n will definitely not be able to know this"

Hoseok sighed when he heard Taehyung's words to. "Ceo Kim, Ms. Y/n is conscious now." Taehyung's right hand man said suddenly after leaving the bedroom while Taehyung rushed towards the room to meet Y/n. "You three shouldn't hold a grudge against each other like this. We are best friends" Hoseok said while speaking to himself after Taehyung went to walk towards the room.

Taehyung's bedroom ;

"What's really going on and how can I be here, Tae?" Y/n asked recklessly while holding her forehead. "Y/n, calm down. Everything is okay now and don't worry." Taehyung answered Y/n and sat on the edge of the king-size bed. He didn't want Y/n to know about what was really happening yesterday. "But, I'm sure I went to see Jimin yesterday at the bar" Y/n said with her memory still vague.

"I know, Jimin called me to take you home because you looked a bit drunk yesterday and he called me because he said he had important business in his company last night." Taehyung said by denying what was happening yesterday from Y/n.

"Really, but did Jimin tell you what he wanted to do yesterday?" Y/n asked Taehyung. "Hmm, no. He didn't tell me anything about that yesterday." Taehyung replied while denying what actually happened yesterday. "Y/n, you rest here for a while now and I will go and tell the maid to prepare herbal medicine soup" Taehyung said to Y/n while trying to change the topic of their conversation.

However, Y/n is a bit skeptical about Taehyung's behavior which looks a bit strange. "Hobi, what wrong with Taehyung now? Is something already happening?" Y/n asked Hoseok after she saw Hoseok enter the room. "Hmm no, princess. Nothing happened to Taehyung but he is a little worried about your situation now." Hoseok replied stuttering to Y/n.

But Y/n can still feel that they are hiding something from her now. I hope they don't hide something from me but what are they keeping secret? "Y/n, I think you better not think about what is on your mind right now. You better just rest for a few moments." Hoseok said while being able to guess what Y/n was thinking right now.

*Skip Time, Jimin's Apartment*

"How did he get the effect of this location!! What are you all doing?! Do you all know that you all have destroyed my plan in the blink of an eye. I have warned you all to do what I want yesterday and make sure no one who knows about our plan!!!!" Jimin said very firmly to everyone who hired him with high value.

"Ceo Park, We are sure everything is going well as planned by us but I find that the man has been watching our movements for a long time since the beginning of our plan." Said one of the people hired by Jimin. "You mean, Taehyung has been watching our movements for a long time since the beginning of this show and trying to destroy my plan all at once?" said Jimin in a tone that tried to hold back his anger.

"Yes, Ceo Park" replied one of the people Jimin hired again. "Where is Y/n now?" Jimin asked them. "Miss Y/n was picked up by him yesterday, Ceo Park" Answered one of the people hired by Jimin. He tried his best to contain his anger towards Taehyung but he was unlikely to hold back his anger anymore.

"I will make sure you receive a fair response, Kim Taehyung"

To Be Continued...

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