4. Imperfection

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I yawned and stretched when I woke up in the morning.  When I opened my eyes I was really confused for a second, then I remembered I was at Cam’s house.  I looked over next to me and began to panic.  Beth was gone.

I jumped out of bed and flew downstairs into the kitchen.

“Oh you’re up.” Diane said smiling.  Sitting in one of the chairs was Beth and she was munching on a pancake contently.

I breathed a sigh of relief.  “Yes, I’m sorry I slept so late.”

“That’s no problem.  Come sit down and have some breakfast.  The boys will be back in about an hour.  They went for their morning workout.”

“Morning workout?  What about Cam?”

“Well, his morning workout is a little different.  He does karate or tae kwon do.  He’s very good though.”

“I know.” I smiled.

“Do you?  How?”

“Well…um…he saved me.”

“Did he?”

“Yes, I was being attacked in the park a few days ago and he rescued me.”

Diane dropped her spoon suddenly.  She turned to me.  “Did he really?!”


“Oh my goodness!  He’s in love with you!”

“What?!  No!  We talked all last night, it’s…no…not yet at least.”

“Yet!  Oh my goodness!  I’m so happy!”  She ran over and hugged me.

“Nothing has really happened!”

“But it will.” She said smirking.  “You’re exactly what I’ve been praying for!  A good girl for Cam!”

I laughed a little.  “Um…thanks.”

“Here’s your food.” She said placing a big plate of pancakes and eggs in front of me.  I looked at it in awe.

I haven’t had a meal like this in months.

“Eat up!” Diane said happily.

I quickly dug in.  I looked over at Beth and she looked like she was in heaven.

“Enjoying your pancakes?” I asked with a smile.

She nodded happily.  “They have banana in them!”

I laughed.

Diane sat down next to Beth with her own plate.  “Yes, I made special banana pancakes for little Bethy.” She patted Beth on the head.

I was surprised at that moment how truly happy I was.  I hadn’t been this completely content in a very long time.

Suddenly I heard the front door open and the boys coming in.  That’s when I remembered I had just woken up.

“Oh no!”

“What’s the matter Hun?” Diane asked.

“I’m a mess!”

“Oh, don’t worry, you look adorable.  The messy bed look is so cute on you.” She smiled.

“But, I don’t have any makeup on.”

“You look beautiful.  Are you worried because of Cam?”

I blushed a beat red.  “I knew it!” She said triumphantly.

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