Chapter 4

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My eyes popped open, and I heard my name carrying in the winds. A part of me thought I was still sleeping as I stared into the darkness. Beams from the moon shinned through the balcony doors, the sheer fabric around my bed dancing with the night.

As my eyes fluttered shut, thinking I'd been dreaming, I heard it again, but this time, I knew the voice and it wasn't the winds that were calling me. It was Devlin.

Being the daughter of magick, I never questioned the unexplainable. Magick was everywhere. In the rainbows after a thunderstorm. In the fluttering purr of hummingbirds tiny wings. In the faerie-like giggles of children. So why not between a witch and a vampire?

I still had no idea what I was going to do about Devlin, but every fiber in body wanted to see him. That should have been my first clue that secrets never lasted forever. But I was going to keep this one just a little longer.

The moon was round and full tonight, lighting up like a guide as I moved along the edge of the gate. My dress caught numerous times on underbrush, fallen branches, and thorns, but I couldn't have cared less. I was impatient to see his heart-stopping face, to hear the deep hypnotic sound of his voice.

Christ. I sounded like a lovesick schoolgirl. What was wrong with me? I should not be traipsing around at night, sneaking off to see a vampire. The vampire. But my heart didn't care, and the excitement pumping through my blood was begging me to hurry.

He was there the moment I stepped foot on the other side of the wall, and I found myself swept off my feet. Then I was sailing through the midnight air in dizzying speeds. When he finally put me on my feet, I swayed. His hands shot out to steady me, and I pushed strands of wind-blown hair out of my face. There were tingles run down my arms, my spine—the call of magick. Being around Devlin made me want to summon my gift, he brought out an urge in me that I was hard to ignore.

"Was that necessary?" I huffed. Looking up from under my lashes, my eyes clashed with the vibrant yellow of Devlin's, and I lost all ability to be miffed.

His lips curled, looking tall, dark, and tasty. "It was. I needed you alone, little witch. Away from your guards."

I looked behind him, seeing a circle of pine trees bordering the clearing he'd swept us to. It was a hidden meadow inside the forest, and I could hear the faint sound of running water not far in the distance. Taking a moment to inhale, I let the perfect harmony of this place wash over my skin. Mother Nature. It hummed with my gift. "Well, here I am. Alone," I said, returning my gaze back to his devastating face. I should have been concerned that I was alone in the woods with a vampire. No one would hear me scream, but as I stared at Devlin, I wasn't afraid of him, only afraid of me, and what I might do.

He moved. One quick blink, and I was entangled in his arms. "And just where I want you," he murmured. Then his lips were on mine.

For a numbing second, I was in shock, and then a dam of feelings and emotions broke inside me. It was like being striped naked. No longer feeling like a sheltered princess, I kissed him back with fervent need, reveling in the cool softness of his lips. They moved over mine persuasively, guiding me along to follow his lead.

When he pressed his tongue against my lips, I eagerly opened for him, trembling. His five o'clock shadow rubbed gingerly on my lips and for the first time, I felt myself lose my control. His taste mixed with mine as both his hands moved from the small of my back to lower, more rounded regions. He held me as close as our clothes would allow, nothing but sheer fabric between us. My hands wound around his neck, and I felt the strength he held in-check, afraid to hurt me, scare me, but in the moment, I wanted all of him.

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