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Running and fighting was drilled into my head as a child.

My father would always talk about his big adventures, he detailed them so clearly that it coloured my childhood. Those short but enthusiastic memories of his made me want to hear more.

"You're going to be just like your father, I can see it." My deceased mother would always project to me.

She wasn't wrong. I am exactly like him.

Those heart-racing stories of his are a lot less pigmented in real life. I never knew blood stung your senses with it's putrid smell. I never imagined the sound of breaking someone's bones.

As a child I always asked mother, "how is father never sad?" Nowadays I'm always thinking "how was he always happy?"

Everything that he taught me, everything that he made me into, how did his smile never drop? You would think watching your daughter turn into a ruthless, emotionless killer would tear you apart. I guess the reality is that he was purely cold-hearted.

The day he died was relieving. My crippling pressure and stress completely died when he was shot. Maybe that's cruel to say, but I never wanted this. I never wanted to hurt people, I never wanted to scrub my hands every night so hard that they bled.

My blood is better than theirs.

I don't have the right to complain. The people I butchered do.

"Hey Ms. Scary Boss, stop daydreaming and give your opinions." Jeremy waved his large hands in front of my face.

Standing up and slapping the back of his head I inquired, "alright, what do you want from me?"

"Boss, the mission to execute, and infiltrate the Bear gang was a success. Even so, around 4 members escaped and made it out alive, if we're lucky they'll stick together and stay away. If we're unlucky-"

Nibbling the inside of my cheek, I interrupted one of my members Quinn, "they'll meet up with one of the other enemy gangs and attack us."

Everyone, which happened to be 30 people, nodded.

Jeremy shuffled impatiently beside me while I thought about my opinion.

It seemed as if the whole room stopped breathing while the time ticked by.

"Easy enough said, let them come." Quinn, my head planner, looked shocked as he crossed his bulky arms. "They'll be damned whether they come as 4 or 40. I assume they would be hesitant to even try and touch us after what we did." Everyone seemed to relax and agree.

"You're right, boss" Quinn's expression lifted into a small smirk, his dark eyes seeming less confused.

"We all will be on high alert until they make a move. No one leaves the premises alone. Do you understand?" I stated harshly, making everyone's faces become guarded. "The meeting is over, remember my words and stay cautious." I added.

I waited for everyone to leave the room before taking a seat again. A little birdy stayed behind causing my agitation to grow.

"Why are you still here Jeremy?" I nonchalantly asked.

"What's going on with you boss, lately you've been too quiet."

Of course he would be one to notice.

"I'm fine Jer, just thinking a lot." I vaguely said.

"It seems to be bothering you, what've you been thinking about?" The nosy little bird pushed.

"Nothing for you to be concerned about, alright? Now catch up with Quinn and the others before I kick you."

Jeremy's eyebrows folded into fear as I threatened him.

"Alright, boss." He walked away.

What's wrong with me?

I never acted like this, I never acted like this life pained me.

I need to women up before someone uses my wishful thinking at a more peaceful life against me.

My family is my gang, and no one will hurt them with me around. I can't just get up and leave.

After a couple minutes of pushing my thoughts away I got up and went to my room.

Disgusting pig man.

As soon as we got back from the Bear gang's hideout, I immediately ordered for a meeting. Allowing all the blood to dry and crust on my body and clothes. I felt dirty, too dirty.

Barging into my bathroom I quickly stripped off my clothes and turned the shower on.

Trying to avoid it at all costs I accidentally caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.


From almost head to toe, I was covered in blood and grime. My hair was crusted, and my face was splattered with pig man's blood.

Not wanting to be tainted anymore, I jumped into the scorching hot shower to flush it all away.

Get off of me. I scrubbed.

Get off of me! Harder and faster I traveled the soap all across my body.

I wanted to scream, or cry, but I couldn't. My main priority was to be clean again.

I felt so damn dirty.

A/N: most of you guys wanted me to continue and make this story longer. While I agree it's good if I kept it short, I finally gave in and wrote more:D ofc I will still continue with this little story of mine, and I sincerely thank everyone who read and voted. You don't understand how proud I am of my writing, or how thankful I am that you all like it. -Dani

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