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The morning before the championship game, I was quick to get up and get my stuff together. Carrying everything and putting it by the door, I walked over to the kitchen to make myself something to eat, headphones on and walkman attached to my hip.

I didn't even notice my mom at the table until I turned around to go sit down, I jumped slightly  at the sight of my mom. The cereal almost splashing out of the bowl in my hands as I moved.

I noticed her staring at me, causing me to roll my eyes in response. I haven't talked to my mom since I lashed out at her, I'm still mad about it.

'Why can't she just get over herself? For at least today?'

I thought as I sat down across from her at the table, I noticed an empty plate in front of her. 'She must've just got done eating' I looked down at the cereal in the bowl in front of me, taking a spoon full of it and eating it, before looking back up at my mom.

I noticed her mouth moving as she stared at me, I rolled my eyes, already annoyed with having to talk to her. I brought my headphones down to wrest around my neck as the music could be heard playing through the headphones.

"What do you want?"

I asked, not really wanting my mood to drop before the big game. She cleared her throat a bit, taking a sip from the mug in front of her, which currently had coffee in it. "We need to talk at some point." She paused as I sat there glaring at her.

Looking down at the mug in her hands she continued "If your father was here he-" I cut her off "Don't you dare mention him, when your the one trying to forget him." I gripped the spoon in my hand tightly as I slightly yelled at her.

"I'm sorry."

She paused before looking up at me to continue"(Y/n), I know I haven't been there for you lately. But you have to understand that I'm trying to get as much money as I can to support the both of us, all while grieving over your father. Your right, I'm trying to forget him. I know that its not right but its so painful for me to remember..." I shot up from my seat, no longer hungry.

"And you think that I have it any easier?!" I angrily gripped the end of the table as I now leaned over it. My mom stood up also "Don't you raise your voice at me." she yelled slightly I felt myself getting even angrier. The noise of a horn honking could be heard causing me to shake my head a bit before walking off towards the front door.

"I gotta go."

I picked up my bag, throwing it over my shoulder "Good luck" I heard her say as I slightly looked over my shoulder I let out a scoff. "Whatever." I put my headphones back on as I opened the door, stick in hand "Not like you care anyway.." I mumbled so that she couldn't hear me, slamming the door shut behind me on my way out.

Once I got in the car I pulled my headphones down, to go back to wresting around my neck. I put my bag on the floor and leaned my stick on the seat as I hopped in the car. I sent Charlie a forced smile as he returned it with a worried look. "Hey Charlie, what's up?" he shrugged his shoulders "nothin' really just sittin' in the car" he let out a light laugh before clearing his throat and asking "Is she seriously not coming?" my smile was quick to disappear as a sigh escaped my lips.

I stared down at my hands as I answered with "She never does Charlie. Why would today be any different?" I felt a serge of anger rush through me as my hands turned to fists on my lap.

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