(Qannen)- spending time with me is pointless

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Qannen and Dzzahn have been on a total appearance spree. They've been to FacialPlay and Moondrop and Paape. They were seen inside an x_-_pathsthetic_-_x and made an appearance at Mooooodpotion for the launch of the new immuno-adaptive marjoram smoothies. None of these are places where a boy with zero followers is allowed, even a boy with such cute hair. But everyone all over the city - and especially the brands - is so intrigued by this mysterious being hanging on Qannen, this blank slate with no brand and no backstory, that they're only too happy to invite Qannen around to visit, knowing she'll bring him along.

He's very attentive to her and Qannen seems: happy. Very smitten and very rapacious, sexually. No one's ever seen her like this before. No one's ever seen her with a boy, period, but also no one's ever seen her with the same person two days in a row, and definitely no one's ever seen her with a smile so wild and true.

Her fans are both very interested in what she's doing with this weird new invisible mystery boy and completely furious at her for being so happy. Like: WHY is she so happy and carefree. HOW. Since WHEN. Her sister is getting married to what was until recently one of their sworn enemies? A person they both almost died battling, and who very nearly almost killed them, however long ago that was? How does Qannen seemingly have no opinion on this topic. She doesn't seem the least bothered or concerned. She disappeared completely after the battle, Qynka moved on with her life, and Qannen suddenly reappears happier than ever? Howww is that even a thing.

So it's clearly something about this boy. The D? Maybe, but whatever he's giving her, it's a nuclear-grade tactic for drawing attention away from the wedding. To help Qannen launch her new personal brand, the timing of which just randomly happens to coincide with her sister's wedding.

But is this really the end of Qannen & Qynka? For so long it was the two twin sisters against everyone. Their parents Isenal and Rogiriplex, the hottest, happiest and most perfect celebrity couple of all time, died so suddenly and tragically in a horrible accident, leaving the young girls to fend for themselves, with only each other for support. So many trials, so many mistakes, so many ups and downs, so many people wondering how they were even still alive, why they bothered to keep existing despite their complete failure to live up to their parents' reputation. It always felt like they were destined to explode spectacularly, and now it looks like everything they represented is just going to dissipate, split off in two different brand directions, without a fight, without any drama, without any explanation. Is that fair?

Dzzahn is completely oblivious to the hand-wringing of the fandoms, not having a screen. He's mostly just excited to be spending so much time with Qannen. Kind of. It was fun at first. When she kissed him? Holy fuck. He had spent his entire life dreaming about that. And there was a definite thrill in the way the city treated her like royalty - so many eyes and zonnys following them wherever they went. And then he got to finger her in the Target. And then she had him finger her in FacialPlay and Moondrop and Paape and x_-_pathsthetic_-_x and Mooooodpotion. It was kind of a lot of work and not as romantic? As he thought. There hasn't been a lot of reciprocation so far, put it like that. Which is fine? Kind of? But he thought maybe they'd get to hang out alone at some point, and she's never alone. She's always dragging him from place to place and they still haven't really talked about this, whatever this is, yet.

It's just: a lot, and it's not turning out like he thought it would.

They're at a party celebrating the season finale of Healthcare Emergency Victims when his panic attack starts.

Qannen is doing stuff on her screen. He's looking around and no one's talking to him but a lot of people are staring at him, at them, and then doing things on their screen. Maybe it's nothing but what are they saying. Are they saying negative things about him? Does he look weird? He's very uncomfortable in the outfits she's been choosing for him. And something about a party in a hospital. The smell. The drinks being served in IV bags, the shots being served in syringes. The comatose bodies in the beds placed decoratively around the room. He feels: not good.

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