August 23 - Gabriella Curls

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Day 23 of August and our twenty-third author to celebrate! Meet, Gabriella! Help me support her on Wattpad and beyond. Gabriella currently has 2 books available on Wattpad.

A little about Gabriella:

Hey you! I'm Gabriëlla and a stubborn ass aries.

My motto. Live to dream, dance through life, and read to be inspired.

I'm since 2018 on wattpad, trying to get my story('s) out in the public. See, the thing is, it's fucking hard. Oh yes, if you didn't notice in my book('s), I'm one of those girls who swears like a sailor. And I'm not sorry.

I have a reading request book If you want me to read your story. Just add your book to it and I'll be happy to read it. I always vote and give honest feedback. I appreciate it if you do the same with my work.

I always follow you back when you follow me, but don't follow to unfollow me one second later. Cause, that's rude and I will do the same to you. Yes, I'm your karma.

My first book, Let me love you, is an adult book and there is sexy time in it. Just warning 😉. It's completed.

I'm currently working on my second book, called Ossified. This one is about young adults and Luke Hemmings is playing a big part in it. You don't have to be a fan to love it 🤫. It's temporarily on hold, due to lack of time to write, starting this year with a new job.

And lovelies, it's so important to vote! Hit that 🌟 and get the stories you love up in the rating. It's the most rewarding thing you can do for the writer and it takes you to like what? A freaking second!

I truly hope I got you interested in reading my brain twists.

Have a lovely day ♥️

 Some of Gabriella's works include:

 Some of Gabriella's works include:

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The wind picked up, sweeping my hair around his face. It's shielding us from the crazy world and cocooning us in our own bubble. A bubble that maybe gets punctured, but for now I want to stay here. Here, where no one is judging me or him for who we are, what we do, and what we choose. His hands slide down my arms, to the small of my back, and stop to cup my ass, sending chills up and down my spine. He looks at me and I nod yes, picking up his silent question. He lifts me with ease, which I can't seem to stop admire and carries me back to the wooden cabin. His scent is enough to make me shudder and beg him to make love to me. I kiss his neck and lick the back of his ear. The sound in the back of his throat is animalistic, just the way I love it.

They say opposites attract

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They say opposites attract. We are the same. Therefore we will never work. Therefore we collide. Delila Amber Daniels is a 19-year-old college girl, haunted by her past. She kicks against everything that could make her happy again. Happiness doesn't exist in her mind, nor love in her heart. Her father obliged her to a new beginning, away from the demons that haunt her. Infuriated and with no intention of improving herself she begins her new life. Until she meets Luke Hemmings. The male version of her. He is rude, in mental pain, and everything she shouldn't let herself in with. Will they be each other's savior or downfall?

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