August 11th - Angel M.B. Chadwick

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Hello and welcome back! 

Today is August 11th and I have another author I would like to support for the day.

Today I acknowledge Angel M.B. Chadwick. She is an accomplished author on Wattpad and a self-publishing author on Amazon. Angel currently has 5 books on Wattpad and has self-published two on Amazon. She is also on Goodreads. In addition, she keeps busy with her blog.

Help me support, Angel on all platforms!

Lets get to know, Angel:

I'm a mom, avid blogger, reader, reviewer and multi-genre indie author who loves to mix genres and an inventor, playwright who writes all genres including visionary fiction.

I am currently separated. My son is a product of my interracial marriage. He is bi-racial. He is thirteen years old. He is autistic/nonverbal and making steady and exceptional progress daily. I have lots and lots of biracial/multi-racial family members. I will write my son's biography one day in the near future. And yes, I will be self-publishing it.

My novel "Weeping Well" is revised and has been re-released (July 2017) and is now on Amazon and other online participating stores in paperback and e-book. A sequel to "Weeping Well" will be added starting from 2008-2010. "Weeping Well" will be a four book series.

It's a YA/literary fiction/coming of age/set in 1989-2008/family/mystery/suspense/psychological/horror/thriller/dark gothic romance/ supernatural/erotic/ sports/ travel/some Sci-fi (Mississippi, UK, Chicago, Japan) multicultural, multiracial/multilingual and so much more.

My next novel is a sci-fi/fantasy/with several genres mixed in titled "Maizsie Carson" and will be released and the sequel December 2020.

In between this time next year I will be doing Ghostwriting and Editing Services for Upcoming/Indie Authors (see Goodreads blog) questions on rates and times will be explained and posted at that time next year when I have a clear schedule from writing my own books.

*I will be doing Ghostwriting and Editing Services quarterly only, since I have my eleven year old son to raise on my own, a household to run, and still publish and write my own books.

I have been writing for 27 years since I was 13 years old.

I have self-published my first of many books called "Corridors of My Mind," a nonfiction memoir about my life written in the form of poetry.

I have been published before in poetry anthologies a number of times before when I was very young through poetry contests.

When I was fifteen years old, I was once offered a publishing contract by Harlequin, although they didn't know how young I was at the time and I stupidly decided not to sign, I regret it still to this day and think I have bad author karma because of it. My mother said I should sign but, I didn't listen (Mom's usually know best, I should've listened) I wasn't as confident about my writing back then.

But, I always wanted to be an indie author. I wrote for my college newspaper and yearbook when I was nineteen majoring in English and Journalism. I also have three college backgrounds in Computer Science, Computer Business, Advertising and Marketing, Nursing, Literature, Child Development, Psychology, Liberal Arts, Creative Writing to name some.

I love mixing genres and subgenres, subplots and plots. I mix it up until its a quagmire/ paradox of infinite plots twists and turns, etc.

I am literally incapable of writing any other way. Besides, I get bored easily and crave and use the glory of unpredictability in my writing. My writing is very unique and I go beyond the edge of literature.

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