Dude, You Can't Still Be Hungry

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I drift in and out of reality.  I don't know how long it is until Crusher comes back with more food.  I have no sense of time and I think I'm glad about it.  The curtains are never opened and the only time I'm untied from the bed is for my nightly shower - and even then I have to take it with Crusher.  My wrists are raw from the rope and my abdomen throbs.  I'm pretty sure I've been under most of Crusher's pack in the few days I've been here...and Crusher never really seems to leave.

I'm never getting out of here.


Colin's POV

I hear Jack going back upstairs with yet another plate of spaghetti for Alba and my gut wrenches.  I'm the one who brought her here.  To this hell hole.  I've seen what the guys think of her and it makes me sick.  I must be the only one in the house who hasn't gone near her since she got here.  Well, Gallagher hasn't either - but he's steered clear of the whole house.  Nothing new there.

I stare at the empty box of Coco Pops mournfully and wish someone had gone down the shop.  I hate not having Coco Pops in the gaff - just makes life even more stressful.

-uk it, I'm gonnae go back, I hear Chad think determinedly before the footsteps change directions.  A few minutes later everything goes white in his mind and then he saunters into the kitchen looking satisfied.  I don't have to look into his head to know he's just been with Alba.

Poor Alba.

"Why ain't you seen Fife yet?" Chad asks as he pretty much inhales the last loaf of bread.  Twit - doesn't he care I was gonna make a toastie with that?!

"Because I don't do it with chicks who are tied to beds." I reply shortly and Chad's eyebrows shoot into his hair.

"Dude, you haven't lived!" He exclaims and I roll my eyes.

"I've lived plenty.  With chicks who want it." I add forcefully and Chad snorts.

"Well that Fife is a babe." He mutters as he swallows the last piece of bread.  My wolf snarls, taking me by surprise.  I think it over slowly, shielding my mind from the pack, and realise I don't like them thinking of Alba like she's some...some go-to shag.

"Chad." Jack appears with an empty plate and an icy look on his face.  Uh oh.

"Aye?" Chad glances over to Jack as he rummages through the cupboard for more food.

"Dude, you can't still be hungry!" I exclaim before I can stop myself; Jack laughs and I gape at him.  Jack never laughs.  I didn't know he could.  Neither did Chad from the look on his face.

"Chad, don't go to Alba twice in an hour.  She doesn't like it.  And remember - she's mine." Jack says threateningly and we both nod, even though Jack's only talking to one of us.

"Yes Jack." Chad nods, but I know he's not gonna listen.  He's got a bit of an addiction to getting laid.  Creep.

"Hey McGrath, I got more Coco Pops." Jack says over his shoulder as he walks out.  I gape after him.

Why the hell is Jack being nice?


Alba's POV

I run through the trees easily, my feet pounding on the soil rhythmically and my heart pumps insanely fast.  I don't know what I'm running from, but I know it's bad.  I know it could hurt me without even trying.  I have to get away.  I have to run before it takes me over.  Before it butchers me.


Eoin's POV

I stay on the island.  Away from the mainland.  I don’t want to see what’s left of Alba.  I broke something in her and the pieces that were left were crushed by Colin and Jack.  She was so frail looking...even more delicate than I remember.  Is that really the difference one person and a few days can make?

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