Demo #1

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Hell Nah I ain't doing Lemons in this shit, my FBI agent is still in therapy after what he saw

Stuff you need to know: (S/C)=Skin Color (H/C)= Hair Color (H/L)= Hair Length (Y/N)= Your Name ""=Thoughts : = speaking out loud

Intro: (Y/N) a 17 year old teen, his skin color is (S/C) and he's 6ft tall making him pretty tall, has (H/C) that is (H/L) 


13,5:Alright (Y/N), I'd want you to sit in that chair right there.

(Y/N): Surrrre that chair, the chair that looks like those electric chairs in Death Row

13,5: Oh shut up and get in that chair pussy

(Y/N) hesitated, but finally complied and sat in the chair, and within a second he was shocked and blacked out.

【2 hours later】

(Y/N) woke up after the sun shined on his face........

"Wait a minute"

(Y/N) looked around to see a sunny plain with trees standing tall. (Y/N) was confused because he knew that he and his pal always lived in a rainy and cloudy part in the country, confused he walked around for a bit until he stumbled onto a town. After getting some money that looks like the one from Monopoly he later found out was Lien (Ⱡ) bought himself some food and new clothing.


"huh? I don't remember bringing my phone with me?"

(Y/N) pulled out what seems to be some sort of holographic watch, pressing the O button showed a hologram a familiar person they have the same black hair, is around 5'8, VERY dark brown eyes and a (God typing the next 2 words makes me wanna DIE, My FBI agent is disappointed that I actually had to search this stupid shit up) medium bust, Finally the figure notices that the camera is recording  

?????:huh O shit sorry didn't notice the camera, So while you're here might as well tell you where you are. You know KonoSuba right? (Y/N) shook his head

?????:Fuck then what about those Gamer Stories on Wattpad like uh Ready Start? by @Goldengun2002 " (Y/N) shook his head again even more confused

?????:No? huh, then just think about playing a game in VR you know the thing you put on your head and you play games as if you are actually in it? because if not then I don't know. (Y/N) then finally nodded, understanding exactly what the mysterious woman meant

?????:Good now let me give you a basic tutorial, Welcome to RWBY you know Rwby? (Y/N) nodded remembering watching Volume 1-7.5 (I ain't explaining JACK SHI)

?????:Well since you know what happens in the Normal Universe of RWBY the timeline will have to change due to your existence. So you won't be able to predict Jack Shit, anyways you get to choose your ability and I will try to make sure it ain't broken, so don't think of shit from DBZ cause I ain't gonna allow that. (Y/N) thought deeply of what he wanted, but doesn't know what to choose. This bitch ain't gonna let him relax and let him have something op, he does want something powerful but he doesn't want it to be nerfed and have him become weak.

After a few minutes of thinking (Y/N) chose......

Thats the end of that shit story you choose I lay down after thinking of something to do while I still have my sanity. Oh and also

 Oh and also

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Drink some fucking chocolate milk for finding this thing. 

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