Chapter 7: Alpha's Orders

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Chapter 7


“Can I at least join next semester instead?” I asked hopeful.

He chuckled, ruffled my hair with his hands then bent to kiss my forehead, “What am I gonna do with you?”

PRESENT (Later that night)

“I bet you really miss him.” 

He was standing at the only book shelf in the room, holding a picture of his father in hand. He smiled when I said it then glanced over to where I sat in the couch.

“The way my father treated the pack was a far cry from the way he treated me. He’s lucky someone else finished him otherwise I’d have done the job myself.”

He didn’t say it with an ounce of malice, but rather like he was simply stating a fact and I shivered at the calm way in which he could discuss ending someone’s life. It reminded me of exactly who I was dealing with here.We may have had sex once but that didn’t mean he’d changed. He was still the big bad Alpha who wouldn’t think twice about punishing anyone who disobeyed him…including me.

“Then why do you keep it?”  I wanted to know what kind of person kept the picture of someone they had dreamed of killing.

He put down the picture, walked over to the couch opposite me and sat down.” I don’t miss him, yes I would have killed him, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t love him.” He chuckled then went on, “Sounds crazy but… he was my father, after my mom died he was all I had.” He shrugged.

Carson’s mother had been killed in a pack raid when he was 5 years old. Surprisingly though the Alpha had continued on as if nothing was amiss, he hadn’t taken out his anger on the pack, he hadn’t even mourned...not really. Strange.

 I didn’t have to ask what he meant when he said his father treated him differently because I knew all about that. People tended to show only the side of them that they wanted othersto see, most of my bullies had been that way.

I gave him a cursory glance only to find him staring openly at me. There were so many things I wanted to say, to ask him, but I didn’t know if I would be passing my place so I bit my lip and looked away.

“If there’s something you need to say, go ahead and say it Laken. I don’t ever want you to feel as if you can’t speak your mind when you’re with me.”

It was as if he read my mind. I blushed but chose to remain silent. So many questions were whirling around in my head I had no idea where to start so we remained silent for a while, each of us trapped in our own thoughts before I decided I had to get my answers while I had the chance.

“How come you never talked to me…you know…before you turned Alpha?” I intoned, my eyes searching his face.

“Because if I had, then we’d end up in the same situation we’re in now,” he looked at me with a raised eyebrow as if daring me to say otherwise. When I didn’t he went on, “and if my father had found out, being the Alpha, he’d have had you killed.” he said it a matter-of-factly and I shivered at his words.

“So… does anyone else know that you’re bisexual?” 

He looked at me, “I’m not bisexual Laken, I’ve only ever been attracted to males.”  Then his eyes narrowed

“What about you?”


I looked around the room as silence descended. I must say, this was one of the most awkward conversations I had ever had and I couldn’t wait for the day we’d be able to speak without a care in the world.

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