{10} Damsel of a False Demise

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"We'll allow the squad leader have a word with you before we start the official questioning." The soldier spoke low but clearly. I nodded and faced the only window in the room.

"It's finally the last part, if this goes well...who knows if our surviving chances could have been kicked up a notch." Isabel said with an eyebrow raised.

Farlan sighed.

"What if this doesn't go as planned? What if he finds out? You can't doubt your own alley."

"Old allie, you mean." Isabel corrected. Yet it was true, yet Farlan just knew he thought a different way about his old friend. Unlike her, she was squashed to pulps even before the guy turned around.

"Let's just see how this goes."

Levi pondered what the girl looked like now. Their first capture was a complete fail, and worst of all...they didn't get a thing out of her. Well, other than some insults that is.

But this time they would, even if Bella wasn't willing to co-operate. Which was most likely to happen. Yet the question still floated around his brain bubble waiting to be popped; Was she still the 'Princess' they had thought highly of before? Or was she the underground thug who went around stealing and pickpocketing.

Well it was about time he found out.

The man lead Levi to the room they had accustomed her to. "Any private words?" The police asked. Levi shot a glare which had immediately given the man an answer.

"Y-you have twenty minutes sir." He reminded before he raced off to who knows where.

Levi sighed. He turned towards the knob and creaked it open. Expecting to see a sarcastic looking lady glaring from behind.

But no...

"Sono...yona...konra?"  He almost..almost stuttered.

Levi was frozen in place. Could the Military Police do this to her? No- They couldn't have.

The girl sat on the wooden chair, half her body was limp and her eyes were milk white. Her neck was bent in an awkward angle on the table in front of her, with red liquid seeping out.

Her color was drained out, now dull, pale and lifeless.

Indeed, it was one of his worst nightmares he never knew existed. A bloody Bella.

Levi didn't need the twenty minute private talk, since it was only twenty seconds before he ran out the room in urgency. The only thought that ran through his mind was two single words that could bring back everything.

Not again.

It had been two years since the death of the princess. They say she died the same was as her brother did, which was true...since Levi had witnessed it, partly.

Balto and Pixis knew about the news but the Lord got over it quickly, do did the Garrison commander. Other soldiers were dying out, and there was no time to mourn one girl's death. As for Hitch, and the other in the squad, it was stress. Yet they knew something was up.

Only few attended her special funeral, including Eren, Mikasa and Arimin. Eren didn't know what it was, but he felt a connection to her all of a sudden.

They had told the public that the princess had gone missing. 

One unlikely man had secretly came to pay a tribute, since he was the only one who actually seen her in that state. The moments he had with the princess were very unforgettable. Calling him a shorty and trying to punch him in the face, pretty much, he thought. 

"Any words?" 

Only three people came unto the podium, but Levi didn't know any of them. There was a boy, with dark shaggy hair and piercing green eyes. His stance was stall as he took a deep breath.

"Nobody knew her as much as I did." 

That caught attention. So many people looked up to him, including Levi, Eren, and part of the group. 

"I may have been a friend to her, but to me? She was a whole more."

Mikasa's eyebrow raised. Indeed, she had seen this boy the time she had seen Bella with her brother on the hill, and she was keen to listen on.

Armin thought nothing was up, he wasn't suspicious or anything. Just another person, maybe they could get answers from him instead.

"I will tell you of how I met her,"

"I was only fourteen, when I walked throughout the underground cities of wall Sina. I didn't grow up in that dump, I only managed to get there one way- force. A group of thugs had me under there, they called themselves the "Taylors.' All they asked me was for money, and I had none. I was just a boy. Yet they didn't believe me. That's when she came. An ordinary girl my age came running in, a lifeless stuffed toy dragged by her side. She didn't have weapon, she didn't need one. She grabbed by hand and the last words she said, "Trust me, and I'll lead you to the light,'."

Trust me, and I'll lead you to the light. 

"We do trust you Bella! It's just.....sometimes trust can't overcome fear."

"Fear couldn't overcome trust either, now let's go!" I pulled on both their sleeves causing them to trip a little. 

"We just give them a little back up. After-all, the Taylors weren't as hard to trash than I thought." I mumbled, "That was reckless." Farlan mumbled and nudged me. I rolled my eyes.

"But wasn't Bella awesome! She kicked all four of their butts at the same time!" Isabel exclaimed.

"Stop skipping around Is. A. Bell." he mocked.

"Back up, that's all. Make sure none of them recognize you or else-" Farlan made a throat cutting gesture with his finger.

"Hai hai." We both sighed.

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