Chapter 74

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I haven't spoken to Jake since lunch. I don't want to talk to him. He has to be the one who told her everything about me- I didn't tell her anything when I was friends with her.

I lean against my locker watching people walk past me, giving me sympathetic smiles. I hate this. I hate everyone knowing my business. If this gets out to the whole world then I don't know if I can take it. I didn't tell people for a reason.

"Hey" Jake says standing in front of me.

"Ready?" I say bluntly

"Yeah" He can tell I'm annoyed at him. We walk to his car in silence, Cameron and Rachel are already stood by his black range rover. Jake unlocks the car and they climb into the back. I slide into the front with him.

"Cameron is coming back to ours" Rachel tells Jake.

"Ok" He responds

"Can you guys just talk this out? I feel so awkward to be sat here with you two" She laughs

"I don't even know why you're mad at me" Jake says

"Because you told Capricorn all of that stuff about me"

"I didn't even know you tried to kill yourself or starve yourself. I didn't know about your parents. I didn't tell anyone about anything"

"Then how does she know"

"I think I might know" Rachel says

"It's my fault" Cameron speaks up "Hayes told Rachel and Rachel texted it to me. She must have got my phone or something"

"I'm going to kill Hayes" I say, my anger rising with every word.

"It's not his fault" Rachel defends him. "It's mine. I told Cam" I do love Hayes. I can't punish him for telling a girl he likes about me. He didn't know it would get out. And I can't blame Rachel for telling her best friend everything. I'd tell Jack and Taylor wouldn't I? Funny how I'd tell them but not Matt. For some reason I don't really trust him right now. I'm not wrong to feel that way am I?

"It's okay. I would have told my best friend too if I were you"

"I'm really sorry Sky"

"It's fine. I'm an open book now- everyone knows about me. No questions asked, no rumours can go around now" I smile.

"You're cool with everyone knowing?"

"I guess I'll have to be" I smile as Jake pulls up outside my house. "Sorry for accusing you" I tell him.

"It's okay. I'll pick you up at 8 tomorrow?"

"See you then" I say unlocking my door "Bye you guys" I say to Rachel and Cameron.


"So get this" I say loudly to the boys, walking in the door "Mark has an identical twin" I laugh. Just my luck. I just have to remember that it's his twin- not him. They can't be exactly the same can they?

"Sky? Is that you?" I hear my father's voice boom through the house.

"Dad?" I say dropping my bag. I see him sitting on the couch and run up behind him, hugging him in the process.

"Princess you're back" He says getting up. He walks around to the other side of the couch and hugs me tightly.

"You were gone for so long. Did you have a good time?" I ask him

"Yeah! It was very.. eye opening"

"How come?"

"I now know what I need to go to be a better f- employee" I raise my eyebrow. He was going to say father wasn't he? That's not just what I thought is it?

"Did you meet any new people?"

"I met my new boss and I also had the chance to catch up with some people I used to know"

"Did they used to work with you?" I say as innocently as I can.

"Something like that" He mutters under his breath.

"What did you say?" I smile up at him.

"Nothing" He says quickly. "Are you all hungry? Shall I make you something? No doubt you have been eating all junk food and fast food"

"Pretty much" I laugh "You go ahead, I'll come and help you in a minute. I have to talk to Hayes"

"You go ahead sweetheart" He lets go of me and goes into the kitchen. What's with all these pet names? Princess? Sweetheart? He never calls me those. What happened to mistake?

"Hayes" I yell. He comes running downstairs in a towel and wet hair. Still hot.

"What's up?"

"I need to talk to you about Rachel"

"I was gonna text her I swear"

"I don't care about that"

"Then what about her?"

"I'm talking about the bit where you told her all of my secrets and about my past"

"Oh crap"

"Yeah oh crap" I mock him

"I didn't think you'd find out"

"Bet you didn't think the whole school would find out either"


"I can't believe you'd tell some girl you just met everything about me"

"I was trying to impress her"

"Well next time learn some pick up lines instead of blurting out everything about my life. Thanks to you everyone knows about me starving myself, cutting myself, my parents calling me mistake, me kissing you. And as if that wasn't bad enough- they all know about yesterday." I say annoyed "So thank you Hayes" I add sarcastically. I turn and walk away from him. He chases after me.

"I didn't mean for it to turn out like that" He calls

"I don't doubt that. But it happened and it's your fault"

"What's going on?" Nash asks, joining my side

"It's not my fault you cut yourself or starved yourself. It's not my fault you got attacked. It's not my fault you were bullied."

"Hayes" Nash says harshly.

"No, it's my fault" I say quietly

"What? It's not your fault" Nash says hugging me from side on.

"It's my fault for trusting him" I say walking into the kitchen.

"Hey missy" Dad smiles. Guess what missy is a nickname for? Yeah that's right. Missy means mistake. They've been calling me that all my life. They thought I wouldn't catch on to it's meaning. I did though, many years ago. It's been tormenting me ever since.

"Hey dad" I say acting like that didn't bother me. "By the way my friend is coming here. Just to check on me, he'll be gone in a few days"

"He can stay as long as he wants. What's his name?"

"Alexander" Well that's one of his names. May not be his first name but if I told him now, I know for sure he wouldn't let him come. As soon as I say it the doorbell goes.

"Can you get that?"

"Sure" I say running to the door.

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