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(The first part of this is just the game against the Hornets which the movie tends to go by pretty fast with just a montage of Adam making like three goals and Lester making one but imma change it up a bit so you and Adam both get two goals)

The next game was the against the Hornets, Adam had the puck as he brought it up, noticing me open he passed and I shot on net getting the puck, scoring on net.

Charlie passed the puck to me as I weaved through the players shoving some to the side as I noticed Adam up ahead wide open. I passed the puck to Adam which lead to him scoring on net.

Guy and Connie were now in as Connie passed it to Guy before getting knocked down by one of the Hornets players. Guy started to bring the puck up, a Hornet player right on his tail. A Hornet player was glued to me as I moved back and fourth to get open for Guy, I was right next to the goal when Guy passed it to me. I was quick to receive the pass looping around the net from behind, taking a quick shot from the other side and scoring.

Adam had the puck again as he stopped in front of the goal taking a shot and scoring again.

I stood in our box watching as Connie did the face off, when the puck was dropped she was quick to grab it, sending it over to Lester. He skated up a bit before shooting and scoring on net. The game ended not long after, the final score being 5-3 which means that we are now in the semifinals. At the end of the game we all high-fived the other team out of good sportsmanship.

I watched on the sidelines during the Cardinal's game as the Cardinal's tried to clear it out of their zone, only for Connie to intercept it and pass it to Adam. Connie ended up getting knocked down by a Cardinal's player as Adam quickly made his way up the middle. "Go, Adam! Go!" I yelled pumping my fist in the air.

Adam ducked as a Cardinal player came flying at him, dodging another defender as he made his shot, scoring on net. I cheered from our box "(L/n)!" I turned my head towards him confused"Yeah, Coach?" He sent me a smile while saying"Go score me some goals"

I sent him a smile while saying"You got it coach" as Connie came in, I was quick to hop out onto the ice. I quickly located the puck, as a Cardinal's player had it and was heading for Greg.

I rammed into the side of him, knocking the player over as I took the puck from him, turning around to bring it back up the ice. I heard people cheering but paid no mind to it, as I skated up the middle.

A couple of cardinals players got in my way as I quickly passed the puck back to Adam, I was quick to get around them, Adam made his way towards the goal as I looped around it from behind, going towards the other side.

"(N/n)!" Adam yelled, grabbing my attention quickly before he passed the puck to me, allowing me to get a shot off and score. Everyone cheered as I yelled "Wooo!" Only to get knocked down by a Cardinals player who seemed angry.

I got back up while asking "Hey, what's your problem?!" The Cardinals player responded with "You" I was about to say something when both Charlie and Adam came over. Charlie threw his arm around me as Adam stood between me and the Cardinals player in front of me.

"Hey, leave her alone. We got that goal fair and square."

Charlie added on to Adams sentence as they both seemed to be glaring at the guy. "Yeah, it's just a game. Come on (Y/n)" with that Charlie dragged me off, Adam following after us, not before giving the player one last glare.

I stared in front of me, having no words to say what so ever. I was so shocked that I didn't know how to react, as the only thought flying through my head was....

'What just happened?'

I was now sitting on the bench as Adam did the face off. Once the ref dropped the puck Adam knocked both boys in front of him down, grabbing the puck and making his way over to the goal, only to get knocked down while trying to go around it.

Jesse got the puck as we all cheered for him, Jesse ended up passing it over to Adam, who passed it back to Jesse only for him to send it over to Guy who scored on net. I cheered and hugged Connie "Way to go Guy!" They all skated over to us cheering, that was the winning shot, taking us to the state finals.

We now were all in the locker room celebrating, opening Coca Cola cans and shaking them around Coach Bombay. Lewis ended up picking up the cooler and dumping all the water and ice inside of it, on Coach Bombay.

All of us cheered and hollered in amazement, and excitement as we now got a second chance to go against the Hawks, and hopefully win the Pee Wee championships.

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