Chapter 6

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Maria's P.O.V

I was so shocked I fainted.

I woke up and saw Sophie. "Sophie I had the most amazing dream." I said as I started to sit up. "I put the TV on when..." I continued but stopped when I noticed someone in the kitchen.

"Wait. Who's that?" I asked. "Well, while you fainted I had a brief excitement attack then eventually calmed down while Aston helped me get you to your bed and you've been out for 30 minutes." as my friend explained all this I just sat there in disbelief.

"I made you both hot chocolate. How she doing?" Aston Merrygold standing right in front of me with a hot chocolate for me asking how I was doing! That's every girls dream! "I-i'm f-f-fine!" I just managed to say. He was even more good looking close up. Wow I'm actually living every girls dream!

Aston's P.O.V

She said "Aston?!" and suddenly she fainted before I could say a word. "What's going on?" Said a girl with brown hair and green eyes. "I didn't do anything. She fainted." I said then the girl screamed, an ear piercing shreak. "Ahhhhhhh Aston Merrygold outside my flat!" I think I've gone deaf. "Yes, thank you, I'm flattered but your friend has fainted." I replied.

"Oh crap!" She said. She got her legs and said to me "Can you get her arms and we will put her on her bed?" I walked round to her arms. She look so cute and peaceful but we had to get her off the floor. We made it to her bedroom and placed her carefully on the bed.

"Would you like a drink?" Asked the girl. "Yeah. I would kill for a hot chocolate. I don't get many seeing as I'm always on tour with the rest of JLS." I replied still watching her sleeping. "What's your name sorry? You obviously know mine." I said laughing. "My name is Sophie and that's Maria." Sophie said laughing.

Maria what a gorgeous name to go with a gorgeous face. "She's waking up!" I called to Sophie. "Ok I look after her you make her a special hot chocolate made by the one and only Aston Merrygold. She'd appreciate it." I walked to the kitchen and boiled the kettle.

"I had the most amazing dream," I heard Maria say. I walked in with the hot chocolate. "I made you both hot chocolate. How she doing?" I said she looked gob-smacked. "I-i'm f-f-fine." She said staring at me. I then realized how pretty she was.

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