The Alpha's Daughter - Chapter 23

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Okay, I'm not giving any spoilers, but this chapter has..writing of a sort of sexual nature...but its not too bad...I'm just giving you a heads up in case that sort of thing doesn't float your boat...



Max was crying. My God, for a thing that small he could make one hell of a racket. I watched as Sierra wearily tried to feed him, whispering things in his tiny little ear. I bit my lip and looked down to the bowl of cereal I was eating. Suddenly, I wasn't hungry anymore. Cal was still in his bed; he had been on patrol the night before with Radleigh and was absolutely shattered, leaving me to put up with my family. Ade was eating next me, shoving hot bacon down his throat. Eli was reading the paper, with his cup of tea at his elbow. Jase was watching Sierra anxiously, his eyes fixed on baby Maximilian. Don't even ask; I had laughed when they had told me as well. Maximilian? Seriously? Poor kid, that was all I could say. Mind you, it was only Sierra that called him by his full name; Maximilian Gordon Knight.

"He's not feeding," Sierra whined tearfully. I looked up and saw her face; flushed red and tearstained. I felt so sorry for her; she was trying her best and I knew that she felt like her best wasn't enough. I was sure that she was a good mum; she just had to take it into her stride. Who was I to talk? I was against all prospective offspring for the next foreseeable future.

"I'm going for a walk," I muttered. I might as well have been speaking to myself because nobody even looked up. I rolled my eyes and left the kitchen, walking out into the hallway. For the past three days, it had been baby this and baby that. It was like everyone had baby on the brain apart from me. Even Ade, who, through his own admission, said that all babies did was fuck up your life, could be seen bouncing Max up and down and making stupid baby noises.

"Where're you going?" Cal asked sharply, coming down the stairs. I smirked and took a step towards the front door, daring him to do something. He did; he tore down the stairs and grabbed me by the waist, whirling me round to face him. I licked my lips and smiled up at his face.

"Nowhere it seems," I trilled, cocking my head to the side. Cal smiled and kissed me on the nose, lingering slightly. He moved his kiss towards my jaw, leaving a light trail of tingling sensations over my skin.

"Stop," I groaned wistfully, turning my head so that his lips were unable to finish their journey. Cal sighed and ran his fingers through his hair, his eyes bloodshot. Neither of us had had much sleep over the past week, which was down to the fact that Max was testing out his newly functioning lungs as much as he could. It was even worse for us because we were in the room next door to Jase and Sierra's, which meant that Max's midnight bawling sessions were bloody loud and intrusive at three o'clock in the morning.

But, I had to admit, that I was actually quite fond of my baby nephew. I don't know what it was about him, but every time I saw his face, I would feel this warmth at the pit of my stomach. And I would smile; this massive grin which would normally make my face ache.

I looked back up at Cal and realised that, too late, he had been reading m thoughts. I hit him in the chest but not hard enough to hurt him, biting my lip once more.

"Annie!" I rolled my eyes and turned around, my eyebrow raised at whoever had spoken. Jase was walking towards us, Max in his arms. Sierra was following him, her cheeks flushed.

"I'm his mother, Jase; I know what's good for him!" she screeched at the top of her voice. "Don't you dare tell me that I need a rest." Jase looked like he was ready to sit down and cry. He literally thrust Max into my limp arms, which meant that I had to kick start my reflexes into overdrive so that I didn't drop him. I just looked at my brother and his mate, waiting for some sort of explanation.

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