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We all now walked towards a giant ice rink as Charlie said"Boy, this is great." I nodded my head with a huge smile on my face"It really is." Charlie looked over at me, swinging an arm around my shoulder, causing me to let out a laugh.

"Guys, look, it's the North Stars"

Connie said as we all watched all the Hockey players out on the ice.

"Oh, man"

"It's Mike Modano!"

I looked back at Adam, only to see him absolutely aww struck. Causing me to laugh a bit, as I looked back in front of me Charlie asked"What's so funny?" I let out a light laugh and responded with"I think Banksy's in love" Charlie looked back at Adam and quickly looked back forward while letting out a laugh.

"....believe this?"


"This is too cool"

"I can't believe this."

"This place is humongous"

Charlie asked Coach Bombay"What are we doing here?" Coach Bombay responded with"Its a little play offs present" I looked back at Adam and let out a laugh while saying"You might want to close your mouth, before flies decide to land in it" he blinked a bit and shut his mouth before looking over at me.

I let out a loud laugh as he rolled his eyes"Ha ha very funny. How's your little date going?" He asked a smirk making its way to his face. I widened my eyes a bit before glaring at him and saying"Shut up." And turning around back to look out at the ice, all while hearing Adam's loud laughs behind me.

I let out a small laugh as I playfully rolled my eyes at his laughter, a smile making its way to my lips.

Suddenly hockey players started coming off the ice and made their way past us. Only for two of them to stop in front of Coach Bombay, the two of them being none other than Basil McRea and Mike Modano "Hey, Gordo! Gordon Bombay, right?" Basil McRea ended up shaking Coach Bombay's hand as he asked"You remember me?"

"Sure, from Pee Wees." Turning towards Mike Modano who was currently next to him "This guy used to rule in Pee Wees." Mike Modano turned his head towards Coach Bombay.

"Oh yeah? I heard you were a farmer."

Coach Bombay shrugged a bit"Actually, I became a lawyer. But I'm coaching Pee Wee now and this is my team, the Ducks." We all nodded our heads as Coach Bombay continued"Ducks, this is Basil McRea and Mike Modano." I rolled my eyes at the introduction.

We all responded with sarcasm, as if we didn't know that already. "Alright, alright." Was Coach Bombay's response. Basil McRea suddenly spoke up, grabbing everyone's attention.

"Hey Ducks. Listen to this guy. He knows what he's talking about. If you ever want a shot, let me know. I'll get you a tryout in the minor-leagues clubs."

They shook hands again as Bombay said"Thanks" Basil McRea responded with"No problem. Hey, nice seein' ya" Mike Modano nodded his head"Take it easy" with that they both walked off.

"All right, lets have some fun!"

Coach Bombay clapped his hands as we all cheered and went onto the ice.

I skated with Charlie for awhile as we noticed Guy and Connie skating together, causing Charlie and I to look at each other and laugh a bit. After awhile I got out my Hockey stick and decided to shoot some shots on net, Charlie wanted to skate around so I let him be.

Adam was currently shooting on net so I decided to join him"Got room for one more player?" Adam hit the puck sending it flying in the net before turning to face me. "Yeah, grab a puck and start shooting" I grabbed a puck.

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