Chapter 2

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Legolas leapt over a log with such agility you dared not try to match his grace. You flipped over an orc Legolas had shot down and tore his arrow from its chest, stringing it and letting it whizz by his head, inserting in a tree trunk in front of him. Legolas took it and shot down another orc with it. You run ahead of him, clearing a path of orcs that swept forward like an aggressive tide. You changed weapons, unsheathing two identical daggers and hack away, hearing Legolas being you. Suddenly, you are overwhelmed and knocked face first into the dirt. You roll and strike up with your knives then Legolas has grabbed you under your arms and hauled you up easily. "I've got you." He says. You turn in his arms and in the moment you feel so close to him, emotionally. You give him a peck on the lips and he is so startled, you take out the orc behind him that nearly takes his life.

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