Chapter 1

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You reached for another arrow but found yourself grappling air. Your bow was still poised to shoot at the retched orc charging through the trees towards you. Before you can lower your bow and draw a knife, another hand has notched a yellow-feathered arrow in your bow and sent it whizzing into the orcs neck while your arm was still raised. You blink and immediately know only one elf that has that kind of quick skill. Legolas rolls in front of you and flips a kick into the chest of another orc before loosing a swiftly notched arrow. He spins and fires two arrows a once, felling another orc at a close distance. You always manage to lose yourself in his movement in the midst of life-or-death situations. Heavy arms circle your neck as you drift into momentary unawareness. But Legolas's arrow flies pass your ear - the soft feathers brushing your skin - and finding its mark before the orc found its own. Legolas runs off, every orc he passes falls to his aim. You do not hesitate to pursue, tearing arrows from fallen orcs to refill your quiver as you run.

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