36: Quiet.

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Author's POV:

           "Assalam walaikum Abba." Aayat greeted as she entered into the dinning room and found her father in law sitting their reading morning newspaper. Something that was his habit for every morning.

"Walaikum Salam Aayat." He replied smiling to her.

            "Ready to go to work?" He asked to Aayat as she took the jug of orange juice from servant and then poured a glass of it herself for him. She looked at him to answer the question.

             Today she was resuming to go to her work. It had been a month since her wedding. And she couldn't actually believe how fastly it had past. This family had given her so much love in the past month. The month had passed also by attending all the dinner invitations of different relatives of her and Mahir's family.

            Speaking of Mahir, if she ever felt as if the time had started passing way too slow, it was definitely the time Mahir and she would be alone in the same room.

             In the past one month, they both had automatically started the ritual of talking nicely with each other Infront of a third person, but what happened in the lone time was something contrary to everyone's expectation.

They didn't really talk.

            Arguing was one thing but Aayat wasn't getting why Mahir was behaving that way. As relived as she was about the fact that even she didn't want to talk to him, she was confused about Mahir's strange behaviour. From how much time she had known Mahir,
She had never thought of him as a quiet type of person.

              At first when she got married to him, she had felt scared. Scared of what Mahir actually wanted from this marriage. But then, throughout past month she had developed a sense of confusion. But the question remained constant,

Why did he marry her if he doesn't even wants to talk to her?

             So yes, the past month had been full of silence and sealed questions , none of which were broken by anyone. That's the reason, Aayat was happy to get back to work. Atleast some part of her life was going back to 'normal'.

"I am ready Abba." She answered as she saw her mother in law come and take seat.

"Ma sha Allah. You're looking really nice." Arfa said complementing Aayat who had worn her work clothes, that were a white blouse top with denim pants, a long black jacket over it providing lose effect.

"Jazakallahu khair Ammi. Where is kinza and Farhan?" She asked.

"Kinza went to her university and Farhan went to office." Arfa answered.

"And now you're also going back to work. I am going to be alone." She said sadly making Aayat stop eating.

"Ammi..." Aayat tried to speak.

"No it's okay dear. I know how much you love your job. All the best." Arfa quickly said making Aayat smile.

"Yes daughter. And know that we are proud of you. We will always support you in this." Razaaq added and it quickly reminded her of her own father. How he would himself say the same line, with the shine in his eyes.

          She was done doing breakfast so she stood up and started to leave saying,

"Abba , Ammi, I will get going now."

"Wait, why isn't Mahir up yet? Isn't he going to drop her?" Razaaq asked stopping Aayat.

"Abba, he isn't at home." Aayat informed.

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