Chapter One

Luke's POV

"Guys we need to go talk with management." Calum said looking up from his phone. I wonder what's going to happen this time. "Guys there's this thing we signed you up for like a charity thing. Now you have one choice and that is to adopt a child and you can keep the child if you like after this is over otherwise you get the child for a month you can decide but its all for charity which will raise your publicity."Said our manager.

"Just for a month right?" Calum asked.

"Yes or longer if you want but a month is standard." replied our manager.

"How are we gonna take care of a child?" I asked trying to figure this all out.

"I will have Jenny help you boys out and you could try getting a child that's 10 to 14 so it's a bit easier I guess." He said having Jenny come forward.

"So Jenny is gonna help out and do we get to choose the child?" Michael asked.

"Yes and Yes."Jenny replied for our manager. "We best getting going our ride is waiting outside."

She looks at all of us and leads us out and to the car.

Taylor's POV

"Girls! Get in line now someone is coming to adopt!" She yells at all of us.

We quickly finish cleaning whatever we were cleaning and went to our rooms. I put on my worn out jeans and my Nirvana shirt I got from my last foster mom along with the black beanie she got me. I loved her and all but the man she was with is what broke everything. I put on my worn black and white converse and went downstairs to sit and wait. As I was sitting Gabby came up to me. Gabby is like my sister and she's only one year younger than me which makes her 13.

"You think you will get adopted?" She asked looking at me.

"Hell no they are probably just another couple that want a baby or a toddler like they always want. If they don't want that which is rare I bet you would get adopted." I said which is true they always want a baby/toddler.

"I heard they are rich." Gabby told me. "You know what that means..... The sun will come out..."

That was one of our inside jokes since we always gotta watch the freaking movie. Anyway we both burst out laughing. "Gabby neither of us are an Annie they are probably here for a charity case then I guess since they are rich and all."

"Most likely."Gabby agreed and then Ms. Bitch I mean Ms.Ward came out with four really tall guys.

"Girls ages 10 to 15 stay everyone else leave." Ms. Ward owner of the orphanage said.

"Gabby you might get adopted. Holy Shit." I whispered to her.

"You could get adopted too!" she cheered.

We both looked and saw the boys looking around at all of us then the one boy with the really colorful hair made contact with me and quickly whispered to the other guys.

"They are looking and talking about you Taylor or should I say Annie. If you get adopted don't forget me and try to stay in touch." Gabby said looking at me smiling.

"I doubt they will but if they will I most definitely won't forget you and I'll try to keep in touch. Also why do I get this feeling you want me gone?" Before she could answer Ms. Ward made me go to her office were the boys could ask me questions and that.

"It's all you. I'll let you all talk and let me know if you want to see another or if you want that." she said fake smiling and pointing to me and then she left.

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