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I quickly pick my shirt up to cover my breast, and turn to see who it is. When I do I see that tall, dark haired asshole from earlier.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I yell, and he steps closer to me without saying a word.

"What are you doing?" I say now feeling kind of scared.

He takes one more step toward me before he's standing directly in front of me. I go to step back, but he grabs me by waist and kisses me. I try to fight it, but then I don't know what came over me I start kissing him back. I release my shirt exposing my torso completely, and grab the hem of his shirt, slowing lifting it up. He pulls away, and lifts his shirt over his head, then begins fumbling with his pants trying to unbutton them. I move his hands away, and squat down to unbutton them myself. The thought of how insane this is enters my mind. I don't even know this guys name, but I quickly push those thoughts out of my head, and return to what I had been preparing to do. I pull his pants down along with his boxers, and get on my knees. I take in the sight of his long shaft- or at least what I can see in the moon light, and gather saliva in my mouth. I bring his hard to my lips, and swirl my tongue around just the tip. I take him in my mouth going up, and down taking him deeper every time.

"Fuck.." He says and I look up. "Stop being teasing." He smirks.

I pick up the pace a little, and take him as deep as I can without gagging. Without warning he grabs a fist full of my hair, and pushes my head all the way down his long dick. Any other time I would have lost my shit but something about this whole situation is making me so wet. Once he lets go of my hair I stand up, and lay on the bed. He crawls between my legs and brings my nipple to his mouth. He alternates between the two, licking, and softly biting them causing me to go crazy. He slides his hand down in my panties, and moves his hand slowly up, and down my slit. He massages my sensitive area stopping shortly at my clit, then moving around to other places, all while playing with my breast. He's teasing the hell out of me, and I feel like I'm going to explode.

"If you don't fuck me soon I'm going to lose it." I say.

"Oh really?" He says.

Before I can even blink he rips my panties off, and thrusts into me.

"UH!" I practically scream, and he covers my mouth with his hand. He thrusts roughly, and very quickly in and out of me.

"You like when I fuck you?"

"Mmm." I moan into his hand, and arch my back.

"You like that I'm fucking the shit out of you, don't you?" He says through clenched teeth. "You wanted this dick all night, didn't you?" He questions. "Mmm. I've been dreaming about fucking your pussy all night. You're so fucking tight." He says out of breath. He's fucking me so fast, and rough I feel like I'm going to go through the wall.

"Oh fuck!" I shout into his hand. "Fuck!.. Ooh my god! Fuck fuck fuck." I moan. "I'm gonna cum! Oh god. Ooooh shit!" I whine. "Fuck! I'm cumming!" I shout, and arch my back so much it feels like my spine is going to break. My legs start to shake, and I can't hold on any more. I completely let go, as he keeps thrusting. He lifts my legs up onto his shoulders, and thrusts a few more times before finishing all over my stomach.

We both lay there completely out of breath, on the verge of a fucking asthma attack it feels. I roll over, and grab a cigarette out of my purse. I light it, and lay back down. I smoke about half of my cigarette before the dude decides he wants it, and takes it from my hand.

"So.." I begin. "We can't tell Josh about this."

"Yeah, no shit." He says, and I stay silent.

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