Chapter One

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*Updated on January 4, 2015*

Thomas’ POV:

“What do you mean I’m in charge of food?! The party is tomorrow night, how on earth am I supposed to make all that food in time?” I ask Dylan on the phone as the cab pulls into the town where we will be staying for the next few months.

            “Relax, Thomas, you’re only in charge of dessert stuff. Besides, your flight landed first.” he replies before hanging up. The cab driver takes another right, down a street lined with shops. I see a bakery on one of the corners, and wonder how close the hotel is, as an idea pops into my mind.

            “Driver, how close is the hotel from here?” I ask, trying to sound as polite as possible.

          “It’s just at the end of this street on the right.” he replies, pointing towards the building up ahead a ways. Great. We arrive at the hotel shortly, and I thank the driver as I hand him my money and step out to retrieve my bags from the trunk. After the cab driver leaves, I enter the hotel lobby to get checked in.

            Once I was checked in, I made my way outside and down the street towards the bakery I had seen earlier. I hope it’s not too short-notice… It’s about noon, so hopefully I’ll be alright.

            I reach the small shop a few minutes later, and briefly take in its outside appearance. There are two stories, the bottom mostly made up of large windows so that people walking by can see what kinds of things are for sale. A few of the large windows have writing on them, most of them about sales on certain foods and things. The top floor has one small window on each of the sides facing the streets, their blinds closed, shutting out the world outside. There is a sign on both of the outside corners, above the doors, with the name “Blue Skies Bakery” in big letters.

I walk through the doors of the small bakery, and am immediately greeted by the delectable smells of chocolate, cinnamon, fresh bread, and many more. I hear the small ring of a bell as the door swings in and out, and faintly hear talking in a back room. A young woman walks through a small doorway that lies just behind the front desk of the tiny shop. She has a phone held to her ear, and puts up her finger and mouths a ‘one minute’ to me as she continues her conversation.

I take the opportunity to look around at the foods on the many shelves before me. The shop has every treat you can imagine, from apple turnovers to zucchini bread. After looking for about two minutes, I see some cupcakes with white frosting, and they seem like the perfect thing to bring with me to the party tomorrow night. About two hundred of these should do just fine…

On the outside, the building had two stories, but only the bottom one seemed to be a bakery. As I look towards the back doorway where the girl came in from, I can just barely see a set of stairs that lead to the upper floor. This must be where the girl lives.

            I look back at the girl on the phone, and see that she has her hair pulled up into a sort of bun, with her bangs sweeping from one side of her face to the other in a sort of curve. Her hair is dyed a dark red, making her blue eyes seem even brighter and bluer than normal. She has somewhat pale skin, and she is rather thin. There is an apron tied around her waist, with random stains here and there, and a few splashes of what looks like flour. She finally ends her call, and turns her attention towards me, only to be stopped once again by what sounds like a muffled cry.

            “Excuse me, I’ll be right back.” she says to me, as she turns around and heads through the back doorway and up the stairs. I hadn’t really noticed her accent until she spoke to me directly. She had a thick English accent, much like mine.

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