the begining (rape warning)

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                                                                           naru pov

 a girl was left alone in the world. her parents died from the great kyuubi. she walked alone home as some drunks passed her she acsidently bumped into them. she imidiently turned to aponagys but the head of the group threw his bottle at her hitting her in the head.

"you demon brat watch where your going...hay yor kind of cute for a demon" he smirked and looked at his drunk friends and they nodded. the this isn't just some girl this was me...i am naruko Uzumaki...i am age 4....i was walking back to my empty apartment when i acsidently triped and turned to aponagys. and well you know the rest.

i ran from the men but theyy were ninjas and i had only just started the acadamy....grandpa hokage insisted. i was grabed by the hair and forced to the ground. i was on my knees siting up about lowere waist level to the man and he undid his pants and pulled down his underwear. i say a long thing and shivered. this was the second time this week.

"suck it demon whore"  shook my head but a kuani was under my throat  and they leaned me in making my mouth touch it. i cryed and went to yell for help when the man shoved it into my mouth. i coughed and tryed spiting it out my using my toung but that only made it hard and go further down my throat.

"thats a girl now suck it" i wimppered and the other man took his pants off and shoved his thng into my butt. i gausped and shook begging for this to please stop. i soon blacked out from the pain.

when i came to i was  outside a giant cadge. i looked up weakly and atempted to get up when a loud voice stoped me.

"who hurt you girl' i looked up at the voice to find the demon fox.... the kyuubi. i stared blankly at him not knowing what to say. he had a look of pitty in his eyes.

"...are you alright....naruko" i stared and nodded walking shakly to the cadge and griping the bars.

"s-so y-you were put in me" i said blankly the kyuubi nodded and layed down so his head was level to me.

" suprised ur not suprised." i looked at him then slowly fell with my back to him.

"why be suprised....i was called the demon brat sense i was a kind of makes sense" i said emotionless.... i stood but fell backwards into the cadge. i thought i was ganna hit the ground but was caught by suprisingly kyuubi....or was it...he had the ears and eyes of kyuubi but,,,he looked relitily human....

"do you like this form naru...this is my human form..i thought it would be....more apealing....less frightening..." he smiled and helped me up. i smiled and he laughed.

"you should smile more suits you" i giggled and nodded

" ill try remmembering that" i said smiling....the world started to faid and i woke up surounded by the rapers bodies they were all dead. i was so scared i ran back home and huged my legs.

"THEY HAD TO DIE NARU" kyuubi said in my head i teared up

"but why' i asked out loud

"THEY NEEDED TO BE PUNISHED FOR HURTING MY LITTLE KIT" I sighed and nodded still shook up. i could almost feel him wrap one of his tails around me in a comferting manor.

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