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The next game was quick to come as we were all getting ready in the locker room, I started quietly singing a song as I put my skates on next to Charlie.

"And what song is stuck in your head today?"

I shrugged my shoulders "Can't Fight This Feeling By Reo Speedwagon." Charlie nodded his head in response, I continued to sing the song as Charlie rubbed the back of his neck"Actually, (Y/n). There is something I-" The door to the lockeroom opened, causing Charlie to cut himself off.

The person who walked in grabbed everyone's attention as we all went silent. Adam stood by the doorway, bag over his shoulder and hockey stick in hand. I stood by Charlie as the two of us made eye contact, his eyes widened a bit as I sent him a small smile.

His eyes were quick to land on the floor in front of him, as Coach Bombay came through the door "Hey. I wasn't sure if you'd show up." He now stood next to Adam.

Adam responded with"Yeah, whatever. I just wanna play hockey." Coach Bombay said"Good" before putting an arm around his shoulder and faced us"Ducks, you all know Adam Banks." They walked forward a bit.

Charlie was the first to speak up and walk over"On behalf of the Ducks, I'd like to say welcome." That was until Jesse stood up, putting his arm out to stop Charlie.

"Cake eater"

Lester then spoke to lighten the tension"Ooo, the Jess-man, dissin' the new guy! The Jess-ster!" Jesse was now in front of Adam as he yelled"Shut up, Averman!" Lester leaned over to Terry while saying"It's just a joke" Jesse walked over, so he was now in Adam's face.

I glared at the back of Jesse's head as he said"Puttin' on a Duck's jersey doesn't mean you're a real Duck." With that he walked passed Adam and out the locker room door.

The others were quick to follow as Charlie and I stayed behind a bit, Charlie being the last one to go towards the door, realized I wasn't following him"You coming?" He turned to ask me, I nodded my head while saying"Yeah I'll be there, just give me a sec"He nodded his head and walked out the door.

Coach Bombay turned towards Adam and said"There a good group once you get to know 'em." I walked over towards the two of them as Adam said"I bet." As Coach Bombay said"Well, suit up. I'll see you out on the ice." With that Coach Bombay walked off out the locker room door.

I was quick to speak up, "Don't mind Jesse. He's only like this because..." Adam cut me off by putting his bag down on the bench next to his uniform.

"Because I was a Hawk, I know."

I watched as he leaned his stick against the lockers and started to take his jacket off. "Thanks by the way" he sent me a confused look before putting his chest pad on over his t-shirt "for what?" He asked.

I shook my head a bit while leaning against the lockers on the other side of him "I just never got to properly thank you, for the other day.... and also during the game too, I was kind of a jerk" he shrugged and sent me a light smile"You just thought the worst of me before you knew me." I nodded my head in agreement.

"I guess your right. But now I think differently"

His arm pads were now on as he asked"And might I ask what you think of me now?" He grabbed his jersey and pulled it over his head. "I think, that your actually a pretty cool guy." was my response, as a smile graced Adam's lips, his blue eyes meeting my (e/c) ones.

I sent him a smile back before saying"Well, I better get going, they are probably looking for me." I started to walk off when I suddenly stopped and turned around"Oh and Adam?" To my surprise he was already looking at me, he responded with"Yeah?"

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