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After I finish up dinner I make my way downstairs, there is so many people here. I examine the room, and find a group of people sitting in a circle passing a blunt. I walk over to them, and take the only available seat next to some really tall guy with dark brown hair. Other than that I can't really see what he looks like. I just sit there examining the room, waiting for my turn on the blunt.

"Here." The tall guy says in a rude tone. I knit my eyebrows at him, and take the blunt from his fingers. I take my two puffs, and pass it along. Two more blunt are sparked, and added to the rotation. I sit there not saying a word given the fact that I don't know a soul in the circle. Once the third blunt is finished, and get up, and realize how stoned I actually am. I spot Sabrina standing with Sammy, and make my way over to them.

"Hey guys." I say in my extreme relaxed tone.

"You're fucking baked!" Sabrina laughs, and I just giggle.

"So what's up guys?" I ask. "I'm Alexis by the way. Sabrina's cousin." I say to Sammy, and stick my hand out to shake Sammy's.

"I'm Sammy." He says, and shakes my hand "I'm Sabrina's.. Um. Hm." He says, and looks at her.

"My boyfriend." She chimes in.

"I say we drink to that!" I shout.

We make our way over to the table where all the liquor is, and decide to take a shot of Captain Morgan. I fucking love that shit! Anyway, I grab three shot glasses, pour our shots, and hand them out. We all cheers, and take our shot.



After many hours of taking shots, and smoking blunts it's time for me to go to bed. As I stumble toward the steps I bump into that guy from earlier. The one I sat next to while we were smoking. "Watch where the fuck you're going bitch." He says. I am too fucked up to even know how to handle this right now. I continue toward the steps, and try my hardest to climb them. I quickly realize that this is way too difficult, I'm going to have to do this on all fours. I finally make it to the top of the steps, and look for something to grab on to, to hold myself up.

I slowly make my way into my bedroom, and once I'm in I shut the door, and don't even bother to turn my light on. The only light making it able for me to see is the moonlight shining through my blinds. I walk straight in, and begin stripping from my day clothes. I remove my shirt, and bra, and as I'm focusing on balancing myself enough to pull my pants off, a light shines in from behind me.

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