Chapter 10

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4th of July

Today is the 4th of July and I'm so happy! My mommy and daddy will be home from Chicago. GranGran was lonely here and tricked me into coming but I met the best thing ever! Today we will be doing a big ass get together at Dave's house.

Dave came downstairs smiling at me while I cleaned these greens.

"You so sexy. I swear I'm lucky as hell man."

"I'm luckier." I said puckering my lips, he wasted no time in kissing them.

"Who all coming on your side?"

"GranGran, my mama, my daddy, my aunt and uncle. You don't think we moving too fast?"

"Hush baby. No. Better now than when you walking down the aisle."

"Okok. Is your mom nice?"

He looked away. I instantly regretted agreeing to this.

"Baby stop I got your back." He said walking behind me hugging me.

"I put you a muffin and bacon in the microwave."

"Thanks princess I'm about to get these fireworks and then clean the backyard."

"Be careful!"

Dave went to do whatever it is he had to do. I proceeded to clean the greens and get the rest of the sides prepared. I took the chicken, ribs, turkey legs, hot dogs, smoke sausage, salmon, kabobs, and shrimp out cleaning them real good before seasoning them letting them sit to soak up the flavor. I'm weird I like the grill taste, but with no barbecue sauce.

I made smoked mac and cheese, greens, grilled corn, cole slaw, baked beans, potato salad, corn bread, banana pudding, pound cake, strawberry homemade cupcakes, and homemade fruit punch. I let the food sit on warm as the drinks chilled. I walked outside to let the meat start cooking, so when everyone get here it'll be fresh. I looked over to see Dave sweating put in that work blowing pool floats. I walked up to him pulling him down so I can kiss him.

"Meet me in the shower so we can save water big daddy."

He bit his lip smirking at me. I started running as he chased me. He finally caught me only because my little legs can't run fast up the stairs. He picked me up as I was still laughing.

"I got you phat."

"I know daddy. I wanna chill tonight, but knowing the crew they gone want to party."

"Well you putting in all this work if you want to rest then you will. They can go to Bully house or something."


"Naw Sophia end of discussion. You been feeling under the weather. Even a week later, and you still throwing up certain foods. You been working yourself to death. Relax with me tonight and tomorrow."

"Fine, but after that I'm doing doubles."

He didn't say nothing he just walked us into the bathroom sitting me on the counter. He cut the water on to the right temperature which is H O T AS H E L L! We had about 3 hours until 4 and I just wanted to relax my tense muscles. Dave took my clothes off and took his off before picking me up placing us in the shower. He had lit some of my favorite candles and added aroma bombs to the shower I was in pure HEAVEN. I sat down on the shower floor letting the water hit me everywhere. Dave chuckled before sitting behind me. I leaned back into him enjoying all the steam and heat. Next thing I know I am fast asleep.

"Wake up phat." I felt Dave shaking me.

I woke up in the bed naked.

"I washed you up and laid you in the bed so you can get your rest. I kept an eye on the food and everything."

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