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I sat at the counter in Mickey's dinning car, after the game, (Y/n) decided to just go home so we dropped her off. Her mom ended up having the same shift as my mom so she was going to try to talk to (Y/n)'s mom about it. I could tell it had something to do with her mom, it always does.

Right now I sat at the counter doing my homework. Suddenly someone lightly hit my arm, causing me to look over, only to come face to face with Coach Bombay himself.

"Hey. can I sit?"

He asked I looked down at the empty seat next to me, then back at him as I answered"Sure" I tapped my pencil against my book a bit, as he sat down next to me.

"Talk to the guys?"

"(Y/n) and I have both tried. They think we are traitors for even showing up."

"Guess they really hate me, huh?"

"Is it true you were really a Hawk?"

Coach Bombay nodded his head"Yeah" I looked down, before looking back at him"Peter said you blew a really big game once."

"Yeah, well, Peter's right. It was the last game of the state finals. We were tied 2-2 in the end of the third period. I get a penalty shot. Go in, triple Deke. Fake the goalie right out of his pads. The pucks headed in, and then...."

He punches his hand"Clang! Hits the post. We lost in overtime. A quarter of an inch this way and it would've gone in. A quarter of an inch Charlie."

"Yeah, but a quarter of an inch the other way and you'd have missed completely."

Coach Bomabay let out a light laugh"I never thought of it that way"

"At least you got to play in a championship game." I shook my head as a smile made its way to my face"God, that must've been so cool."

My mom came over grabbing both of our attentions"Hey. Can I get you a cup of coffee?" Coach Bombay answered with"I'd love one" she walked over to the coffee machine as Coach Bombay stared at her"You know, she has many fine qualities that men find attractive." I said.

Coach Bombay turned back to look at me"I know that, Charlie. That fact hasn't escaped me. So, what kind of guys does she usually date?"

"Jerks. I mean, most of them like her, but as soon as they catch a glimpse of me...." I threw my hand out in front of me as the other hit my arm"Pow! Warp speed! They are gone!" A smile graced my lips as Coach Bombay let out a laugh.

"Don't take it personally, Charlie."

"Oh, I wouldn't even care, except it's not fair to my mom. She deserves somebody nice."

It was quiet for a bit before Coach Bombay asked"So, what's going on between you and (Y/n)?" I shrugged a bit "what do you mean?" He shook his head a bit"Come on Charlie, I hear the team talk, and you two both make it obvious."

I rolled my eyes"Okay okay, it's nothing really we are just friends" he let out a light laugh"Yeah, I've heard that one before." I sighed a bit before saying"Okay, maybe I do have a thing for her but I'm not going to tell her." Coach Bombay sent me a small smile"Here's some advice, just tell her when you feel the time is right. Because if you don't tell her at all, it will only get worse."

I nodded my head tho my thoughts suddenly went elsewhere, causing me to ask"Are you gonna come over for dinner again?" Coach Bombay's smile, turned to an unsure frown as he said"I don't know, Charlie. I'm not sure it's such a good idea. See, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. I um... talked to Jesse and Terry's dad, and he's gonna take over coaching for the rest of the year."

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