Chapter 33-Crazy Lane

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Chapter 33

Crazy Lane

Sullivan's POV

"I'll come back tomorrow to see you okay? I know that we didn't talk much today and I'm sorry for that. Tonight is a big night, thee night. I'm nervous but I know I can do this with Rowan by my side. Well, he's waiting for me so I'm going to go. I love you Sillies, forever." I whisper and kiss his forehead before turning and leaving his room.

Rowan raises a brow at me and I nod while grabbing his large hand. My family left a few minutes ago and Markesan went with Sven. Swanson follows us into the elevator and presses the button to the ground floor before somehow merging with the wall. CPOs all has this ability to magically disappear even when they're in plain sight. They can be so fucking quiet and still you honestly forget they are there.

"So how are these parties?" I ask and Rowan chuckles.

"Well they are very entertaining. Everyone is just there to have a good time. Drinks, dancing, sex, everything a party needs to be fun." He winks making me chuckle and look forward as the doors slide open.

"Are people going to be like, doing it in front of everyone?" I ask as we climb into the SUV a few minutes later.

"Yes they will. There are stages where scenes will be playing out but that's in the private section of the club where we'll be. The main room will be just like any other club with a bar, dance floor, bathrooms and seating areas. If someone wants to get into the private section where the heavier stuff is taking place you have to be a paying member or get invited by a member after a background check. Matthias runs a tight ship in all his clubs." He says casually and I nod as Swanson pulls out the parking lot.

"Have you ever done a scene in front of people?" I ask cautiously and he looks at me seriously.

"Yes I have, many times. The submissive that I would do the scene with was perfectly fine with it. It wasn't all with the same sub but they all enjoyed it. You don't have to worry baby, we won't be doing that." He says while squeezing my hand.

"Oh okay good." I mumble and he smiles.

"There are some rules though. You don't talk to anyone without my permission; if someone talks to you then you look at me so I can tell you if it's okay to talk to them. I'm not going it to really control you but because there are some people I really don't want you talking to. The main ones that will try to talk to you will probably be my friends and they know the rules as Doms and their subs so they will probably do it just to see if you know the rules. The others, well as in life there are people who don't like me for whatever reason and will try to bother you. And you don't leave my side for any reason. If you aren't with me Doms will swarm you like bees to honey since you aren't collared." He says worriedly and I frown.

"Why aren't I collared then?" I ask and he tilts his head.

"I didn't think you would want to be wearing a collar." He says and I shake my head.

"I don't mind, as long as it's not like an actual dog collar." I say and he laughs softly.

"No, I wouldn't give you a dog collar. Now that I know you don't mind I can give you another more noticeable one." He smirks and I narrow my eyes.

"What do you mean another one?" I ask and he lifts my wrist before tapping my watch.

"This isn't a collar so to speak but it does show you are taken. If for some reason you get separated from me, which I won't let happen, and someone tries to talk to you and get with you then you show them this watch. It shows you're taken by a Dom and they will leave you alone." He explains and I chuckle while shaking my head.

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