chapter 9!!

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finally heres chapter nine of the boy in my history class

standing in the doorway,furious, was a man about twenty years older than me, with slick grey hair, and piersing grey eyes, it scared the living crap outta me! who was he? why was he soo angry? i don't know and don't plan on knowing anytime soon!

"Zak young man, why are you playing yet another girl?" his voice was surprizingly calm.

um this was awkward, i felt the urge to do the awkward turtle! but i din't, because i know that would make the situation a bit more awkward!

"Umm son can i talk to you?" oh so Zak was this mans son!

Ze nodded and let me go i let out a shiver as i once again felt cold and empty!after they had closed the door, i sneekily snuck, like a professional ninja, over to the door to eavsdrop on their convosation.

All i caught was things like"who was that" and my name a couple of time! i think, just think there was somthing said like 'you're so dead'! then there was shuffling towards the door! i tried to sneek backwards like a ninja again, but it didn't work, in a matter of seconds, i was flat on my face with the old man, and also Ze wahtching! oh hell no, i'm in trubble!

thats when Zak burst out with laughter! i was in shock, pure shock(and horror)! his laugh sounded soothing, gental, it made me sleepy. i don't know how, but im a matter of seconds. i was asleep!

this was not the first time something like this had happened to me, peoples laughs always sent me to sleep if they are soothing. its not funny!!!! its like a mental issue!

i felt someone hauling me you, i was engulfed in a marrage style hold. i didn't want to open my eyes, because it is obvious that there was gonna be light streaming through the windows or what ever! but as i slowly did, i realised that i was outside in the dark! how come i didn't feel the cold air and all?, this has to be a dream!! but what if its not? i started to panic!

"hey,nothing is wrong, and your awake, i could pinch you, if you would likee?" Zak said soothingly

"oh..right. how'd you know what i was thinking?"

"you were speaking it alowd" he explained.

i blushed, come to think of it where are we?

"The lace where dreams come ture!" Zak said answering my mental question... oh gawd, wait hes a phycopath ! " no im not, i can  tell what your thinking, your face gives it all away!" i blushed again

"so were in hollywood, the place where dreams come true!"

"no were in....." his voice was getting more exited by the second "Vegas!"


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