Chapter 21: Troubleman

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Me and my heart following the shadow she made

like a dull sky day I chased the sun

back at the start I was still in love with the way

it's a long long way from what's become


we used to shade the dead

ship unmanned

the rain was just ahead

and i know nothing about

where troubleman

is just an empty name

-"Troubleman" Electric guest


Auctioned Hearts 21

When I got home (or actually the hotel I was currently taking residency at) I smiled to myself, locking the door behind me a bit happier than anyone should be while locking a door, really. But whatever.

Today was so much fun! Hanging out with Peyton and going to the aquarium, wow!

I looked at the clock, it was currently 3:00 pm and I decided to call into the dinner to see how everything was going.

“Hey, it’s Chenoa.”

“Well, hi there shuga, what can I help ya with?” I laughed; Dolly was obviously in a good mood.

“I was wondering if I am needed tonight.”

“Nope, we got all the help we need love, go and have some ‘you’ time, I recon' you need it with all the hard work you been putting in ‘round here!”

My heart gave a little squeeze of love for Dolly, I had no doubt in my mind people like her could make just about anyone’s heart squeeze. Sometimes people drift into another person’s life like a lazy white cloud that rolls across the sky many times going unnoticed and mostly unappreciated.

That's why whenever I could do something helpful for Dolly I did.

Those who are like clouds deserved to be noticed.

After throwing my phone onto my couch it rung again; I walked the short distance to the hotel couch and picked up the recently disregarded phone, noticing the caller I.D. was unknown.

“Hello..?” I answered skeptically.

I soon found I was right to be skeptical.

“Chenoa Emerson,”  The deep, cold as winter voice replied from the other line.

Although I had never heard this person’s voice before, I knew exactly who it was. My heart sunk as my breath was trapped in my throat.

I could barely squeak out a ‘yes?’

“I happen to notice that you still do not have near to enough money in your bank account to pay back.”

My vision started to blur as I sat myself down onto the couch; knowing my weak knees could not hold my anxious form up for much longer.

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