Chapter 2

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The song was just something I was listening too while I wrote this. >^..^<

Hi!!! It's the narrator! I'm happy 'cause I'm here and I think that song is aweso- oh wait, y'all don't want to here from me. Let's just go to Mr. Lupin's day.

Remus Lupin, while not a huge morning person, still woke up before 7:00 A.M. usually. There was days when his luck liked to ditch him for a couple hours (or even days if it wanted a vacation to the Bahamas.) Still, today felt like another one of those days. Why? Because it's considered bad luck when your best friend is yelling at you. Remus of course reacted similarly to how I would: he swatted at the noise than attempted to fall back asleep. Lily Evans, (who is a lovely person, but there's a difference between lovely-nice and lovely-yelling in your ear) would not accept this, so another bout of, "REMUS JOHN LUPIN, IF YOU DON'T GET UP RIGHT NOW I WILL GET MINERVA TO FIRE YOU, AND I WILL PERSONALLY REMOVE EVERY BOOK FROM YOUR ROOM!"

It took maybe a minute or two, but the words eventually sunk in, and Remus jumped up, hurried around frantically grabbing clothes, and after another 5 minutes he was ready and making tea-to-go. With a quick wave he said bye to his books, and he and Lily left the house quickly and quietly.

Meanwhile, at the Marauder's flat...................................

Sirius Black was enjoying that moment of inbetween when you're half asleep and half awake. Of course, it was ruined when a way too hyper Peter and a half asleep James yelled in his ear. Unlike Lily, who actually formed words in her speaking, James and Peter simply shrieked a bit. Which was enough to make Sirius jump out of bed with his own yell of, "Where's the fire?!" When he found out it was just James and Peter, he proceeded to smack them with a pillow, and an enthusiastic game of 'let's kill each other with pillows' ensued. (Oh, those poor people that are called neighbors.)

After their death match, they flopped on the floor, all fully awake. And James mentioned something about Lily Evans, (the feisty red-haired girl that James had been trying to win over for years) worked at a coffee shop. James, with much persuading, eventually got them out of the house, and they journeyed to the coffee shop down the street.

Lovely! I keep forgetting: the Narrator ain't British. This takes place in America! Boring, but they know America. They don't know England.

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