2- Shokugeki no Soma

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[Your P.O.V]
*alarm ringing*

I slowly opened my eyes and turn the alarm clock off... Wow I had a weird dream. I glanced at the clock, it's still 5 am.

Chotto Matte... I slept at 7 am how did I wake up at 5? Did I sleep the whole day? I stood up and stretched a little.

That seems odd... When did I have a body so slim? And did my boobies get larger? Ehhh... My belly fats are gone, Ohmygod! Am I still dreaming?

/*Note: My dear (Reader) if you somehow felt that you're not perfect. That's fine, but don't ever think you're ugly; you're unique. Love you and keep safe!

I slapped myself hard but both my hand and cheek hurt. "*Ittai!!" /*Translation: Ouch!!

I looked around and saw that I was still in my room. Then I saw the door opening. There was a little boy there who looked at me cheerfully.

Is he a ghost? Who is he? Why is he here? "Oiii... Onee-chan* you'll be late for school." the little boy told me.  /*Translation: Older Sister

Wait he called me Onee-chan, who is he? I don't have a brother Ohmygod! Then suddenly fragments came together inside my mind.

'My father's name is Kazu Yamaguchi. My mother's name is Lily Yamaguchi. And I have a little brother named Lizu Yamaguchi.'

'My family was well known in both fighting and cooking world. Both of my parents taught me cooking. And then they decided that I should go to Totsuki.'

'Today is my entrance exam in Totsuki High. 'My name's still the same, but my surname isn't'

'My face is still the same but my body is damn perfect. oohlala'

I giggled and looked at myself in the mirror. I'm in Shokugeki no Soma's world. Mwuhaha good grief.

"Wait..." I closed my eyes and slowly absorbed everything.


"EHHHHH?!" I screamed from the top of my lungs. My supposed to be younger brother was startled and our parents came inside my room worrying about me.

How's that possible, I'm still not dead as far as I remember.

"What happened? / Are you alright dear?" both of them asked... Ohmygod My mind is overloading; my heart is feeling different emotions right now.

"*H-Hai Oka-san, Oto-san." I managed to say, they both sighed, relieved.  /*Translation: Y-Yes Mother, Father.

"Onee-chan you should get ready, the broom-broom will leave you." my kawaii otouto said which made us smile.

"Alright." I said and ruffled his hair. I can't wait to meet my husbandos, I thought to myself and squealed.

But... that voice... Is it connected on how I got here?

--- Departing time ---

"Make us proud!" my father said and gave me a kiss on the forehead. "Also, tell Jun-chan to take care of you."

"Send us letters too. Alright? Did you pack everything? Your toothbrush? Your---" I chuckled and hugged my mom. Ah-- so warm.

"Hai Oka-san I brought everything. Don't worry I'll always send you letters." She smiled and kissed my cheek. "I love you both, Oka-san, Oto-san."

"Onee-chan, take this with you!" my little brother beamed while giving me a box wrapped in (1st favorite color) and had a (2nd f/c) ribbon. I gently took it.

"Arigato Lizu!" I smiled and opened the box, to my surprise it contained a notebook and a pen.

"Ehehe, Onee-chan Lizu always sees you writing things in your diary. So, I thought you would like it." our neighbors and my acquaintances laughed.

"Lizu's such a thoughtful kid / Can't blame him their family has always been thoughtful." they commented.

I hugged my little brother tight, while thanking him. Then we heard the car's horn. I stood up straight and got ready, as I was walking away from my them, I waved.

"Sayonara minna!" I yelled, some waved back at me, some were cheering for me, and some even had banners with my name written.

"Yosh, you can do this (Reader)." I told myself as the car started moving.

--- Arrival at Totsuki ---

I was carrying my luggage and stopped as I see a familiar figure.

I squealed just by seeing his eye-catching spiky red hair.

It was Soma, I slowly approached him. I should look like a professional not a fangirl.

When I was finally beside him, I gave him a warm smile.

"Ahem... Hi darling." I muttered.

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