Text Me? ~ No Entry

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"Don't stick your finger anyway where close to her mouth, she will try to bite you" i warned Loura.

"Okay i won't , can I get her now!" I sighed and handed Oreo to her. Her smile grew and she walked away with her.

"So have you found any work yet?" My mom asked Elana. They were sitting around the dinning table looking through magazines. They acted like they knew each other for years. When its only been about a week. They will be good friends doe.

"No. I haven't started looking yet" elana admitted.

"Well what would you be looking for?" My momma asked.

"Anything really, but if I had a choice. Interior decorating" elana replied.

"Well I'll see what I can do to help you with that. " my mom said. My mom is a real estate agent.

Everyone was occupied. But me. So I walked upstairs to Lorens room. I didn't bother to knock this time. I just walked in. She was in her bed as usual but this time she was staring at the ceiling.

"Watchu thinking about?" I asked closing the door behind me. She looked at me and shock her head , slightly smiling. I think she is warming up to me. She sat up on the bed and grabbed her remote, turning on the TV. I sat on the bed next to her.

"Can we watch a movie or something." I asked. She shrugged and handed me the remote, I went on to the On Demand channel. The first movie I saw was Mama,

"This?" I asked loren. She made a face and shock her head

"Alrighty then" we started to look for something else. We finally found something. Black Nativity. I wasn't into the whole singing thing but she really wanted to watch it . so here we are.


Half way through the movie my phone rang. Its was Asia calling me. I looked at Loren, she was to into the movie to notice. I got up and walked out the room answering the call.

Me: hello?
Asia: Hey fooly!
Me: wassup. I miss you dude.
Asia: i miss you too Jas
Me: well hows Goergia. You having fun ?
Asia: yaaaas boii! Its great. And the girls aint bad looking either.
Me: I heard there's some babies up dere for real.
Asia: im talking bout my type of girls. Dont get me wrong its some pretty fems here too but the studs are FIONE!!
Me: wateva dawg
Asia: well wassup with you, watchu been up too.
Me: well actually im at that girl I was telling you abouts house.
Asia: heccck nah, y'all getting busy or nah
Me: mane the girl won't even talk to me, she wont talk to anyone. Its a pity , cause she is sexy AF . but ima get her talking.
Asia: well good luck with that boo. But I gotta go. I'll check you later
Me:iight but um just text me ,
Asia: gotcha
Me: iight. Love you ma
Asia: love you too punk

We hung up and i walked back into the room. I wish i could talk to Loren on the phone like that, but if she dont talk she wouldn't need a phone. Would she?

I regained my spot next  to Loren. I stared at the TV but didnt watch it.

"Aye" i called Loren she looked at me.

"Do you by any chance have a phone?" I asked. She slowly nodded.

"Well does it work?" I asked. She sighed and pulled it out her back pocket. I smiled hard. I don't know why I was so happy. Maybe its the thought of being able to talk to her. Maybe.

"Okay well i know you don't want to talk, or you don't like to, but i really would like to get to know you.  Maybe you could like text me. Instead of talking. If you'd like" I said looking down.



I looked at Jasmine like she was crazy. I felt bad not talking to her. Really, she spends so much of her time trying to get me to talk and I do want to talk to her. But I'm not the type to give up on something i believe in. And right now I believe that being quiet will help me get throw all that I'm going through right now. But i could text her. Right. Its not technically talking. I gave Jasmine my phone.

"So thats a yes" she asked.  I nodded. Her face lit up. She smiled. Her smile is so cute. She is cute.

"What should I save my number as?" She asked. I took my phone from her and saved it as Talkative. I showed it to her. Her smiled drop.

"Damn! You coulda told me that I talk to much" she said. Causing me to laugh a little. Its the first time ina long time, I have laughed. Jasmine was staring at me. I frowned my eyebrows.

"You have the cutest little  laugh " she said, I smiled and looked down.

"Here" i looked at Jas and she had her phone out towards me. I took it and put my number in it. I didnt save it under anything. I just gave it back to her. She started typing something. Then she showed it to me. QuietCutie. Is what she saved my number under. I smiled, she started typing stuff on her phoone and soon my phone vibrated.

Talkative: i really want to get to knw u.

I looked at Jas, she was already looking at me.

"Please" she said.

QuietCutie: what do you want to know?

I sent to her.

"Everything, Age, Favorite color, Favorite activity. You know stuff like that" she said. I nodded and started texting her. Letting her know I'm 17, and my favorite color is purple. I told her i liked to draw and write. That i loved pizza.

"I like pizza too" she said looking up from her phone.

"Um how about relationships? Boyfriend. Girlfriend?" She asked out of no where. I didn't want to tell here that i have never been in a relationship. That i never had a real first kiss. That I have never really been in love. But yet still my virginity and innocents have been ripped away from me.

QuietCutie: neither.

Is all I could tell her. I wasnt going to open up my whole life to her. I don't trust her. But i told her what she wanted to know, just so i could keep her around. I actually enjoyed her company.

-hope you liked it

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